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What Is Going On?

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What Is Going On?

Why do the threads on safety and the recent violence in Tulum keep getting shut down on this forum? There seem to be open discussions on other Riviera Maya forums. Someone keeps asking TA to remove them on this forum. Whoever you are, you are doing a great disservice to this community. People deserve to make informed decisions about where they spend their time and money. It's unfortunate that TA has allowed your personal interests (financial?) in seeing this information squelched, to be more important than the interests of everyone else.

And, to be honest, removing these threads does far more to discourage people from coming to the area than an open discussion does. When these threads keep getting shut down, it makes me think that things must be really bad (probably much worse than they really are).

Come on TA!

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1. Re: What Is Going On?

I agree that removing threads makes it seem worse. The more threads are removed, the more it makes me look elsewhere for information to try to find out the facts and I’m starting to see that the more you look, the more you find!

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2. Re: What Is Going On?

It's called the Streisand Effect. The more effort censoring posts, the more attention is brought to the underlying issue. It's nice to see people standing up to the censors, though. As I have said, if someone wants to hide information from you, why would you want to spend money at their establishment?

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3. Re: What Is Going On?

This is interesting. Sorry, I haven't been on the board as much as usual so haven't seen much of this happening, but TA actually announced to all DEs a few months ago that they were specifically going to allow open discussion of topics that may be considered negative, as long as people weren't engaging in slander or trolling or personal attacks, that sort of thing. So we DEs were specifically being instructed to not suggest closing such threads. I'll send a note to the person at TA who we can sometimes ask things of and see if he/she knows or can see/monitor what's happening.

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4. Re: What Is Going On?

For me, it isn't just the insane levels of violence, the tainted booze, the druggings, or what not. It's the concerted effort by folks here to keep people from reading bad (but real) news about the place. That alone would keep me away.

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5. Re: What Is Going On?


I had three threads removed this week... Two had ONLY links to the Riviera Maya forum and the primary source for the incident. No personal comments. The other was observing how quickly they were taken down. I appealed to the powers that be and they sent a "canned" response saying pretty much nothing.

Here is their response.

Thanks for contacting TripAdvisor about the removal of your forum post. We have completed our review, and determined that it does not meets our forum guidelines.

Forum posts can be removed from TripAdvisor for two reasons:

TripAdvisor forum moderators may remove posts that do not meet our guidelines.

o When posts are removed by our moderators, you will see a template message in place of the removed post, which begins with “TripAdvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet TripAdvisor’s forum posting guidelines…”

o The post template will then offer some detail about why forum moderators removed it.

The forum community can report posts which they believe are in violation of our guidelines.

o When a post is removed by the community, you will see a template in place of the removed post, which begins with “This post was determined to be inappropriate by the TripAdvisor community and has been removed.”

o These posts will then be evaluated by moderators, who will make a final decision on whether or not they should be permanently removed.

For more information on our forum guidelines, please click here:

https:/…200613647- Forum-Guidelines

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing your next contribution to our travel community!

Kind regards,


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6. Re: What Is Going On?

The more serious "side-effect" of censorship here is that people with years of experience will stop sharing information (and opinions) knowing that it will probably ruffle some feathers and be deleted. Although I don't claim to be a current destination expert for Tulum as things have changed so dramatically from my time there, I do still like to drop in. If this is supposed to be an informative forum answering all topics and the answers are filtered, then the site loses credibility. I would think that is the last thing TA wants...

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7. Re: What Is Going On?

All that TA cares about is promoting travel, as that is their business model. Anything that takes dollars out of their coffers is bad for business. Lives don't really matter in the long run, just your money. It's completely transparent.

That goes double for the stake holders on this here forum. Bad, greedy humans.

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8. Re: What Is Going On?

Timmmaay is a long time troll on this forum, everything is sunshine and unicorns on the other forums he posts on, in his mind, even though it clearly isn’t. He dosen’t even travel here.

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9. Re: What Is Going On?

Not a troll at all. Just want people to be able to speak freely, about things that ARE happening. I have no agenda, nor any reason to have an agenda. I own no villas, have no stake in any vacation businesses, or anything of the sort. I just like honesty. Some here do not.

If you took the time, you'd see similar critical posts of mine in the Jamaica forum, when violence has periodically got close to tourists. I'm equally critical of liars, wherever I see them.

Oh, and I first came back to this forum last year, when I was trying to convince the wife that we should do a road trip down the coast to Xcalak. This forum, and the people here who censor posts, report negative posts, etc, are what changed my mind. If I can't get real information, I won't bring my wife. Again, we are regulars in Jamaica, which is no Shangrila. But that forum doesn't do what this one does.

Anyone else?

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10. Re: What Is Going On?

Timmmaay a troll?? How funny!

Some of us lurk here thinking that maybe there are other places that we would like to visit.

I assure you that he certainly does not present everything as sunshine and unicorns on other forums.

Many of the posters here certainly appear to be trying to prevent the sharing of pertinent information and present a very unfriendly attitude.

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