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What kind of bug bites do you have?

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What kind of bug bites do you have?

Many have said they had bug bites and many old posts have been brought forward (For whatever reason) that indicate no bug bites whatsoever. There appears to be some confusion over bites in general.

1. Mosquito bites - Irritating in the evening and at night and can be dangerous if you get bitten by one carrying the same type of virus that Robert SDF had for a long time. Mike and I only seen mosquitos for a short time at Albertos Beach at sundown. We brought out our Repel 100 (100% deet) and mosquitos took off for parts unknown.

2. Sand fleas - leave a nice raised bump that itches, but probably won't kill you. We sat on the beach for one week 10-16 November and did get one bite.

3. Sea lice - leave small little clusters of bites, often under your swimsuit where you would rather not scratch. These bites often are visible a day or two after exposure. Bite is really a little parasite that gets under the skin. Kind of like the Michigan swimmer's itch. Sea Safe slathered on prevents the bites. I had the stuff and forgot to use it 1-2 times and suffered for it.

In general, we never were bothered by mosquitos during our vacation and ate outdoors all the time. There are sites on the net that give nice technical and pictorial descriptions of each bite if you care to google it.. This might help describe the sea lice bites.



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1. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

Mosquito bites for me! My own fault really -- when they were at their worst and I was most vulnerable I did not have my bug spray with me. I was on a golf course, near the trees, at dusk. At mosquitos really really like me A LOT!

For sure it was mosquitos because we saw them. They swarmed at dusk! I guess I hadn't thought about it because where we were staying (Moon Palace) I didn't see any bugs at all really, and no mosquitos prior to going to the golf course. So...forgot my bug spray and got bitten. I was very careful after that though to remember the spray whenever we went back to the golf course. And that was really the only location we had any trouble at all.

Heck, I didn't even see any flies near the outdoor restaurants!

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2. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

One day when I was diving on 11/14 I was at the surface taking off my weiight belt when I felt a stinging sensation on my wrist. The diver next to me was complaining about the same thing. The stinging went away and left a small amount of redness around my wrist where my wetsuit sleeve is. Here I am on 11/28 and have these angry blisters covering my hands, fingers and wrists. They are looking better but are angry and unsightly to say the least. I have been using Hibiclens twice a day. Yesterday was the turning point when I noticed improvement. I could see the look on my patient's faces when they thought I was a leper!

I never once fell victim to a mosquite bite. Our whole party was diligent about using DEET per Morgy's persistent lecturing ;) I never got a single mosquito bite, my sister on the other hand looks like a group Chihuahua's got a hold of her ankles. Those mosquitos loved her despite her rigerous application of DEET!

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3. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

I say that if you drink enough tequila that all bugs will leave you alone.

Although that could be a problem if you're diving. Or driving. Or walking.

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4. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

"I say that if you drink enough tequila that all bugs will leave you alone. "

....I think I proved that theory wrong at least once in Cancun!

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5. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

Ok, this is weird. My bf has an itchy rash all over - legs, back, arms - that is still bothering him two weeks after getting home from playa/cozumel.

I have three patches of itchy, red raised welts: one on each hand and one on my ankle.

We both dived with full wetsuits, hung out on the beach during the day, and went into town for dinner at night. We didn't see any mosquitoes or feel any stings in the water. So what could it be? And why two different types of rashes?

p.s. MOL, how's your arm?

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6. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

Sorry to look like a tourist, but I've never heard of Sea Safe. Where can you get it? Sounds like something we need for our trip.


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7. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

Great pictures, Thanks for the info. I am going to order some of the Repel stuff right away so that I get it for our trip the beginning of Feb.

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8. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

The only bites I keep reading about are the influx of Snakes this year at most Resorts. Apparently the rain during the summer was quite high and the Mexican Rattler has breaded like Bunnies.

I heard there was a shortage of Anti Venom too?

I plan on wearing heavy jeans and work boots throughout my vacation to avoid a snake bite.

Oh and we are off now for 3 weeks. Cheers everyone!


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9. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

Are there particular seasons or months for mosquitos &/or sea lice

Will be there in mid February



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10. Re: What kind of bug bites do you have?

We've gotten a few bug bites of some kind, and a couple of fish nipped me while snorkeling today at Channaba.