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ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

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ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

We bank with Wells Fargo and they don't have any agreements with any of the local banks for "fee free" ATM transactions and they have the nerve to charge us $5 per foreign transaction as well.

So, we are looking for an ATM that has the lowest fees to withdrawn as much as we can in one go. Ideally, would like to withdrawn 5,000 or even 6,000 pesos in a transaction if that's possible. We'll be at Posada de Roger for a few days, so an ATM on the South Side would be ideal. Then we move to Villa del Palmar so the Hotel Zone (although we're on the South Side nearly every night anyway, so that's not so important).

I think I've read that the ATM's at the OXXO's charge 69 pesos per transaction? And that other, private ATM's may have 3,0000 pesos limits per transaction but are more like 20 pesos per transaction?

Thanks in advance TA'ers!



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1. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

Don't know all the details, but my husband has opened a Bank of Internet account with free ATM withdrawls in Mexico. They'll reverse any fees Wells Fargo attaches to the ATM use. He tested it out locally this week and it worked great. We too use Wells Fargo and this account is only for foreign travel for our purposes. Check it out might work for you too.

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2. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

In general, free standing ATMs, as opposed to those directly attached to a branch, have stricter limits on cash withdrawals because they don´t want to run out of cash for people (Hence 3000 pesos).

In ATMs attached to bank branches,, you can withdraw the peso equivalent of your cash limit at home. So, for example, if your daily ATM cash withdrawal limit at home were $1,000 (dollars), you could withdraw at least 12,000 pesos in one go. I´ve never tried that, but, we usually withdraw at least 8,000 pesos per withdrawal. Works fine at Banamex, HSBC, and Scotia.

The Peninsula Plaza just north of Villa del Palmar has at least two banks. The local peso ATM charge is usually about 27 pesos (Not sure if that is current as we have a no fee arrangement with Scotia.). If you go during the day, at Scotia Peninsula, you don´t have to swipe to get into a booth as you can go through the bank itself

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3. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

I am a Bank of America customer and can use Scotia and Santanders for no fees. But the amount I can take out per day is the $300usd the limit imposed by my home bank. The closest one to Roger's is the Santander at the plaza by the south-bound bridge. Scotia is the ATM I used coming thru the airport at the start of the trip.


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4. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

careyeroslib has provided good information. I would add that I was recently able to take out 12,000 pesos at a time at the Bancomers in the Bucerias area (at the Mega, and beside Farmacia Guadalajara), so I assume their PV ATMs would also dispense amounts such as this.

edited to add: Bancomer fees are about 28 pesos when you withdraw from an ATM connected to one of their branches, and around 35 pesos if you withdraw from one of their freestandings ATMs

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5. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

I also bank at Wells Fargo and last Oct I used my ATM card at the HSBC bank across from the fea market downtown and withdrew 3000 pesos and got charged only 28 pesos service charge and got a real good exchange rate.

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6. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

We never have problems withdrawing 6000 Pesos (our normal withdrawal in PV) at any of the ATMs. But the daily withdrawal limits imposed by your own bank (at home) is often the limiting factor. Ours allows $500 a day (hence our 6000 Peso transactions) but some banks are lower ($300 is not unusual) and of course others are substantially higher.

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7. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

In July our group used ATMs at three different places: Scotiabank, Banorte and the OXXO.

OXXO was indeed over 60 pesos for the withdrawal. Banorte a close second at 44 pesos. Scotiabank was least at about 23.50 pesos per transaction.

Never had any problems withdrawing 5000 pesos even though Scotia ATMs say they max out at 3000.

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8. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

I opened a BofA account just for travel. Our other accounts are with Wells Fargo. I don't like traveling with my Wells Fargo ATM card because if that card is stolen or "skimmed" I have a lot more at stake. So I just deposit what I need for my trip into my BofA account (plus extra for emergencies) and leave the WF card at home.

There are also other banks that will refund ALL ATM fees, like Charles Schwab, and maybe Ally bank.

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9. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

Anybody have any experience dealing with a Chase ATM card?

Fees, good or bad exchange rate, etc?

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10. Re: ATM with lowest fees/highest withdrawal limit

The exchange rate is set by the bank you are withdrawing pesos from, not by the type of card being used.

You need to ask Chase if they charge for an international transaction, mine used to charge $5 per, but they dropped that fee a few years ago.

And do inform the bank of what dates you'll be in Mexico.