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Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

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Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

Does anyone recommend a particular fisherman for an excursion for a day of fishing? What is the usual price?

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1. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?


Generally the charges are $50.00US per hour for up to 3-4 people in a Panga, though you may be able to negotiate a better deal. Tino's Sport Fishing and White Shark (Jesus) are my top picks(both are excellent), but everyone has a different favourite, so take a look at the Reviews listed on this site and decide. If you like personal contact before choosing - a lot of them patrol Tangolunda Beach. You can also go down to the Marina in Santa Cruz and talk to them there. See you on the Water...

Monroe, Wisconsin
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2. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

Jesus Vasquez-White Shark boat

Tino Hernandez-Snook boat (Tino's Sport fishing)

Juan Manuel-Virgo boat

Tico Ordonez-Mari Sol-larger boat

Roberto Hernandez-Yellow Fin boat

I have known all of the above for years. They have nice boats, excellent fishing and safety equipment and speak good english if that is a concern.

They work on the beach in Tangolunda. Can't go wrong. This is the only way I would take a bay tour or fishing trip. Can't wait to see them all next week!!!

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3. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

Verdugo, I agree with Papagator, Tino's Sport Fishing (Florentino) has great reviews. I always fish with Crisanto, Tino's brother. Last year I landed a 330 lb marlin about 14 miles offshore, so you it helps them if you tell them what you want to do. I didn't care about any other fish except marlin as this was my 6th fishing trip in 3 years so that was our focus and went way out to sea. It's up to you but I would stick with the guys with the better reviews as there are probably 15 guys to choose from on the beach. Not all have good boats or equipment either. Good luck.

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4. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

we were at dreams & roberto approached us & we went with him-it was me & a friend $200 apiece for 4 hours of fishing-we did not catch any but saw some jumping he worked hard at it-kept us out there for 7 hours-that is just fishing but he did work hard-alot of people did catch fish as we saw back at the hotel-anyway the guys work the beaches & you can negtiate prices-went out of marinia-enjoy

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5. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

No matter who you choose, be sure that, if you fish on a panga, it has two motors and that the boat has both a radio and a cell phone. I always fish with Isidro Cruz (Panga Paty)... Good solid & clean boat, outstanding tackle and a very knowledgable fishing guide. You can reach him in Huatulco at 587-1067.

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6. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

Is a panga a better platform to fish from than a large inboard like the Virginia? Smaller boat so maybe spook the fish less?

I've been shut out catching anything deep sea fishing about 4 years running and I am thinking this year about another side trip. I am in Huatulco for 2 weeks. Is there any way to predict by a day or two a day when fishing conditions will be best?

I'd like to give the fishing thing one more go if there was some way of bettering my odds of landing a couple fish.

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7. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

I suggest Coco. Very honest and he has the luck as shown by my avatar. His Panga is bigger than most and he has good gear. I have no evidence that a big boat spooks fish. Here is his boat


Boise Idaho
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8. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

Long Driver... difference between pangas and other boats is price & comfort (e.g. no bathroom) Spooking fish isn't an issue as you're trolling. No way to predict success except by learning what others have been doing in recent days... Boat Captains and beach-front/marina-front salesman will almost always tell you that fishing is great. I've learned that the best way is hang around the marina around noon the day before you hope to go fishing. If you see boats coming in with fish, that's a good sign.

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9. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

We always fish with Crisanto, he's a great guy and has a nice boat. My husband caught a beautiful marlin, some dorado and other fish. He also took us to some great snorkeling spots. We felt very safe with him and always have a great time.

Halfmoon Bay, Canada
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10. Re: Deep Sea Fishing In Huatulco?

I have fished with Pano on the Barracuda at least seven times over the last 5 years. He has a good boat and speaks English well. I am an avid sportfisher on the west coast of BC so I appreciate that he takes his fishing seriously. Have caught many Dorado and a couple of sailfish but still waiting for my first marlin. He is in Santa Cruz Everybody has there favourites so any of the above would give you a good day