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Miami, Florida
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Hello I saw that someone posted something about the weather and I m myself will be travling to USVI for Memorial and I am concerned about the weather. It says 60% and I am looking at the weather and it says Flash Floods the weather does not seem all that great.

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for St. John
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1. Re: Weather

I will repost what I posted on another forum about the weathe on our trip last week

I don't think anyone can predict what the weather will be, it is what it is.

We did not have good weather at all but we had a great trip.

We didn't get as much beach time as we wanted but both came home relaxed and happy with sun-kissed skin The water was warm, the air temperatures were warm and we made the best of it.

It would have been a different trip if it was sunny every day, but it was by no means a bad trip.

I was lucky to be on STJ, and in my book, that is lucky enough.

When I think back on our trip, I don't think back that the weather was crappy, even though it was.

My fondest memories are those that had nothing to do with the weather. Dancing on the deck of Into the Mystic with friends, meeting other friendsat the dock with beers, laughing with friends about a million different things, the Blue Mitten...

Vacation is vacation. It is all in your mindset. I don't worry about anything.

Parker, CO
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2. Re: Weather

60% chance of rain is just that. It means that there is a 60% chance of *some* rain that day. That's nothing. A quick squall could come in and be gone in 15 minutes. Chances of a day completely rained out in June are very, very small.

I know...I worry about the weather too. These past 3 weeks on St. John have been blowing my mind with the constant gray, rainy days for what seems like weeks and weeks. However, if you look at the historical rainfall in June, it's one of the least rainy months of the year, so odds are in your favor. :)

Have a great trip!

Spencerport, New...
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3. Re: Weather

No Worries......

Learn to dance in the rain, it will free your soul....Just sayin'....

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4. Re: Weather

"there is something sexy about the rain".....just sayin:)

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5. Re: Weather

I'm headed there over Memorial Day as well. If anyone is on the ground and can keep us updated re the local forecast that would be great!

St Thomas
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6. Re: Weather

How many more weather threads do we need? Just sayin' ...

Parker, CO
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7. Re: Weather

That's kind of snotty. You live there, so you probably don't understand how hard people have to work to get there. Vacation time and money is very limited to a lot of us and having nice weather is very important to someone who can only get there for a short time.

I gotta be honest. I go to St. John for the crystal clear water and snorkeling. I love the way the water glows and the reef looks in the sunlight. If I got a week of no sun, it would just be devestating to my vacation..

I know St. John is nice in other areas. But I can sit in bars at home. I can meet nice people at home. I can hike and dine out and do all of the other things St. John has to offer - at home. I don't need to travel 20 hrs and spend $5000 to do those things in the Virgin Islands. I travel that long and spend that kind of money so I can swim/snokel in some of the most beautiful waters in the world. The weather is very important to me...and apparantly to many others too.

Sorry if I sound terse. But it gets annoying being chastized for showing concern over the weather. The weather-related threads are clearly titled. If you don't like them, feel free to not open them and participate in them. :)

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8. Re: Weather

well said Susan!

Virgin Islands
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9. Re: Weather

While I understand perfectly why people are concerned, I have to stress that our weather is totally unpredictable. Occasionally the forecasters are correct in predicting rain, but it seems just as often the rain is already gone before they predict it. Long range prediction is extremely inaccurate.

Right now, for instance--it was predicted to rain all week, but it has not rained significantly for several days, it was brilliantly sunny this morning, it clouded up by 11 AM, there were a few drops, stayed cloudy until 3 or so, brilliant sunshine for the past 2 and a half hours. Last week it did rain off-and-on for several days in a row, and stayed cloudy even when it wasn't actively raining.

The chances of encountering several cloudy days in a row are greatest in November, October, May and September. Least likely in February, March, January and June. (although I have seen an occasional deluge in all those months).

There are islands with lower annual rainfall--Anguilla, Aruba, even St. Barts--

but they are often flat, and always unforested. If total sunshine is essential to you, then maybe St. John isn't the first island you should consider--especially if you can only travel in our 4 rainiest months. BUT: Never pay too much attention to predictions more than 3 days in the future.

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10. Re: Weather

Personally, I have WAY too many things to worry about before I go on vacation.

The bottom line is you can't do anything about the weather.

You can ask about what's going to happen, but the only person that knows if it's going to rain or not is God and I don't have a personal number for him.

I have trip insurance, but they don't cover rain. I can't NOT go because that would be a waste and I'd rather be in the Islands when it's raining then being home after this long horrible winter.

One of my favorite memories was sitting in the water at Sapphire with a drink, with friends and the rain coming in. It was alot warmer in the water then it was on the beach, so we just sat there and talked and laughed and enjoyed.

I'm so looking forward to this trip. I'm not going to look at the weather.