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Supermarket prices at local IGA?

New York, USA
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Supermarket prices at local IGA?


Interested to hear feedback about IGA.

How is the walk from Ocean Club West to IGA? How is the quality of food items at the market?

** current supermarket prices for eggs, vegetables, etc... a comparison from the states ... We've heard things are 3x as much and expecting that but want to hear first hand. thanks

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Knoxville, Tennessee
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1. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

Others that have been recently or are currently there will likely chime in but making a comparison to US prices and quality can be difficult. Prices and quality vary widely depending on where you live and shop, so while someone in a big city like NYC might not find the prices that bad, others could get sticker shock. Same thing on the quality, which can also be affected by what the IGA gets in a particular shipment. This is not unique to T&C. Same thing happens in other destinations like Grand Cayman, where you also have a currency conversion to deal with (US $ is only worth $.80 compared to a CI$). Unfortunately most everything has to be shipped in and since electricity is quite expensive, things that need refrigeration can become very costly. We just bite the bullet and buy what we need/want within reason. IMO, if we're going to constantly stress about the cost of things we should just stay home.

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New York City
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2. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

The walk is short, although avoid the middle of the day heat. Prices are about 2x whole foods. Water is $25 per case. Eggs $3.99. One quart of soy milk $4. They have a new line of pasta (new from 4 months ago) that is very affordable as in same price as whole foods. Granola is $12. Ice cream $10. Celery $4. Package of chicken breast for 2, $12. That is all I looked at yesterday, hope it helps.

There is a place for good cheese in the little French deli next to Caicos cafe, but quite expensive at an average of $30/lb.

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3. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

About a 5-6 minute walk. Buy gallon jugs(under $2)of water and refill your water containers.

Chicago, Illinois
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4. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

It also depends on which IGA you visit I think. We travelled at the beginning of May, and while the "gourmet" IGA had cases of water for $20+, the bigger IGA off of Leeward Highway had cases for $14.99.

Also, while not plentiful, there is locally grown produce (red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes), and the prices for these were slightly cheaper than what we pay at our Whole Foods (lettuce was about $1.50 for a large head, the english cucumbers were about $3, and the tomatoes were about $3 for a few).

There are a lot of items that are much more expensive than what you will see at home, but not everything. Also, the bakery bread at both IGAs was pretty pricey, so check out Caicos Bakery instead (small baguettes for $0.90 each, mini croissants for about $1)

Chicago, Illinois
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5. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

Also, the limes were cheaper than at home (4 for $1 in Provo versus 4 for $2 at home). We found the quality of all the items I mentioned about to be great.

Vanderhoof, Canada
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6. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

The gormet IGA was a bit steeper for prices especially for goods like fresh meats, cheeses and milk products. But for dry goods and fruit and veggies they were about the same as the big IGA off of Leeward Hwy. We took a cooler to the big IGA and stocked up on frozen chicken breasts and bags of fish, sausages, deli meats to last our stay then walked over to the gormet IGA every evening for sides...and a few bottles of wine. Expect to pay around $3/each for things like mangos, avacados, cucumbers. $1.50/each for apples, oranges, tomatoes etc. Chips are $3-$10, rice and pasta are the same as Canadian prices, sauces/marinades range from $3-$10 (their locally made TCI Jerk spices are reasonable and DELISH! we cooked with them the entire time we were there). Both places had a decent selection of liquor (better prices than the Wine Cellar for the most part) keep in mind they don't sell booze on Sundays.

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7. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

We will be staying at Coral Gardens. How do we get to Caicos Bakery? Do you have to get there fairly early in the morning before all is sold?

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8. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

Chi Town nailed it. The gourmet IGA has a key in their name "gourmet" and that aint cheap! :)

I foudn the main IGA on leeward to be bigger and not much more expensive than stores in Boston for MOST products.

Certain random items were more money and sold out fast...eggs for example.


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9. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

We don't drink alcoholic beverages but found eating out just about the same price as buying all the ingredients from the store so only ate in our condo for breakfast and a few lunches of dinner leftovers. We did pack our favorite snacks and some goodies in our check-in. We didn' need much except bread, milk, etc.

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: Supermarket prices at local IGA?

takearide - hopefully these directions are correct ; If you can find the Seven Stars round-a-bout, continue on Governor's road - which should be a right coming from Coral Gardens - Caicos Bakery is on your right-hand side pretty quickly. In our experience, you can get bread later in the day. We tried around noon and 2 p.m., and were able to get the mini baguettes and some of the mini croissants, but I assume the selection of pasteries is better earlier. Good luck!