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Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

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Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Hi everyone

Myself and my husband to be booked our honeymoon and chose sandals ochi, however the recent negative reviews now have us worried and we are potentially looking at going to one of the secrets resorts in Montego Bay, does anyone have any views on secrets and if the preferred club is worth the extra money? We are spending a lot of money and recently it appears the reviews for sandals are going downhill...

We actually wanted to move to excellence oyster bay but it appears British airways do not sell this hotel!

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. 😊.

Thanks. Samantha

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1. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Since you mention BA I assume you are flying into Kingston? If so, you are probably best to stay in Ocho Rios as Montego Bay is another 1½ to 2 hours further on .Does BA list Coupes Sans Souci as one of their hotels? If so, IMHO, it would be a great choice for a honeymoon. Just something to think about.

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2. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

I would not worry with a few bad reviews when the resorts overall rating is still high. Isolated experience doesn't bother me as it can happen to anyone. Instead I look for repetitive comments on the same issues and decide if that would be an issue for me. Things like food, decor, etc is all very subjective to a persons taste. And then truthfully some reviews just simply contain fakes information. I recently read a review for sandals in Montego Bay that "burgers and pizza" were the only options for lunch. This person must have had a blind fold on the entire trip because there are tons of lunch options on resort property and more if you expand to the other nearby ones. So I mean... perspective isn't everything. Heck overall rating don't always matter either. There is a hotel we stay at in ocean city that has super low ratings and is at best considered two star. Constant complaints. Yet in our ten stays there we have never seen a single issue and have had nothing but great service. So sometimes not even an overall rating means you are doomed to have a bad time. I'm won't tell you not to switch but Montego Bay gets bad reviews too. They all do. Not everyone has a perfect vacation and some people are just super not picky over trivial things and don't know how to relax.

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3. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Yes I had thought about the longer journey and agree not sure would be the best idea. Thanks for the recommendation, BA do sell that hotel so I will have a look.

Thanks for both of your comments, I do see what you mean re negative reviews sometimes being false I have seen that a few times lol I think the concerns for us are repetitive reviews regarding the state of rooms and bathrooms (toilets not working, no hot water, no pressure) and also regarding restaurants not allowing bookings & people going hungry!!

We don’t go until November so we may be panicking slightly as we want it to be perfect lol

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4. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

There are so many restaurants at Sandals Ochi there is no way you could go hungry!

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5. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Ochi has 19 dining options. I don't see how anyone could go hungry unless you are a super not picky eater

Buford, Georgia
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6. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

IMO, Sandals Ochi has gone down hill. We used to stay there quite often, but, the last time we were there, about 3 years ago, we decided never again as they treat their customers now on what catagory room you book. Try couples resorts - their is no "class" of rooms there and they are fabulous - both CTI and CSS are amazing in different ways!

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7. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Things can change both for the better or worse at any resort between now and November, when you travel. There must be a very good reason you chose Sandals Ochi in the first place. I fit were me, I would stay the course, for now and re-check the 'situation' around end September.

You do not want to start changing resorts every couple weeks based on 'unpoliced' reviews here on TA.

Congrats on your upcoming honeymoon - hope you enjoy Jamaica, our fave!

Saskatchewan, Canada
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8. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

What drew you to Sandals Ochi? For my husband and I Ochi would be the only Sandals we wouldn't stay at because it is just way to big and spreadout. For others that might be the reason they book there.

Have you considered looking at Sandals Royal Plantation in Ochi instead? It could be a good option - all butler resort with exchange privileges at both Royal Plantation and Ochi.

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9. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Regarding negative reviews on TA:

We booked the new Sandals Royal Barbados this past Feb.

It opened in Dec. 2017 to absolutely horrendous reviews on TA that continued for months.

Guess what? We had a terrific time there and would go back in a heartbeat.

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10. Re: Sandals Ochi - looking to possibly move?

Now we’ve never been to sandals Ochi but we didn’t like how spread out it was so that was just us. Reviews are very personal so read them with a grain of salt. That being said my next trip back to Sochi will be back to Couples tower isle. That has been our best AI so far. Next month we are booked at Sandals Royal Caribbean for a change. But this is your honeymoon and you don’t want to be unhappy while you’re there. I personally have changed a trip destination and all two weeks before leaving because I was uncomfortable.

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