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Do you think US Air owes us something?

Philadelphia, PA
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Do you think US Air owes us something?

Upon arrival at the airport the flight was On Time. By the time we reached the gate, our flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. The US Air employee told us there was no way she could get us to Punta Cana that day - she suggested we go back home and come back tomorrow. We were polite but forceful that going back home after getting the kids up and out was not an option. So, after about 20 minutes of computer checking she came up with a flight to Miami on Continental, a night stay in Miami and a flight out on American Airlines to Punta Cana the next day, arriving about 24 hours later than intended.

We said OK to that, got our bags back from US Air, went to the Continental building, re-checked everything in through security and flew to Miami.

Upon arrival in Miami they told us that American Airlines reneged on the agreement to fly us the next day to Punta Cana and we would have to fly out in one hour to Charlotte, NC and stay there overnight and fly to Punta Cana the next afternoon.

Again we were polite but forceful that it was not acceptable to lose a whole day at the resort and we would really like to get there that evening. It was now mid-afternoon in Miami.

Someone at US Air in Miami suggested flying into Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, and driving down to Punta Cana - "an hour or two drive." I said I was not comfortable driving myself so they arranged ground transportation.

We arrived in Santo Domingo around 9 PM, met the driver after some dificulty finding him, and he informed us the drive was 4 hours. Left with no other choice we drove with him in his van and arrived at the Majestic Elegance around 12:30 AM on Wednesday. The drive was long and treacherous with pot holes, speed bumps and men carrying rifles in the gas station as I used the bathroom.

US Air gave us the following:

1. $60 voucher for meal in Miami

2. Ground transportation from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana (I tipped the driver $50 I was so grateful he got us there in one piece)

3. Upgrade to First Class on the flight home

All in all we arrived at the resort about 10 hours later than expected. We did not have trip insurance.

Do you think we have been compensated enough by US Air or should we pursue it further for additional compensation?

Montoursville, PA
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1. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

This is just MHO of course, but I would think that the problems you experienced once you arrived in Miami were out of the control of USAirways.

I think for the issues you experienced on the first leg of your trip, the compensation you received would be adequate but I would certainly follow your trip up with a lengthy letter of concern to USAirways.

I know it was a HUGE inconvience and upsetting to your entire family, but at least you got there 10 hours after you were supposed to vs. one or two days later.

Again...just my opinion

North Carolina
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2. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

Though a very stressful and unfortunate way to start your vacation, at the end, USAir did get you to your destination, albeit 10 hours later than you anticipated.

In addition they did offer some compensation (the voucher and upgrade)for your troubles. I don't consider the ground transportation compensation - that's part of their responsibility in getting you to your final destination.

I'm not sure what else you expect from USAir at this point. What kind of additional compensation would you expect? I'm afraid if you would try to pursue, they would stick by the fact that they got you there with in 12 hours of your originally scheduled time. Personally, I would let it go and enjoy the rest of my vacation!!

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3. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

I doubt you're going to get anything more out them, especially since you arrived only 10 hours after you expected to.....to the airlines, that's an acceptable delay.

I had a similar siutation, ended up sleeping all night in a chair at an airport, got to my final destination a day late and the airline offered nothing, no upgrade, no voucher, not even an apology for the delay.

Basically, they can get away with it and there is little you can do other than complain. The flight and arrival times are considered guaranteed. So, the upgrade and the voucher are actually pretty good compensation for the inconvenience, considering they could have given you nothing.

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4. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

That sucks and sounds so frustrating...but I am glad you eventually made it. Based on what I read online and in Conde Nast Traveler (Ombudssman)- those who get compensated usually have to fork over the full price of another ticket, or something similar, only to be told the airline won't reimburse them, etc.

It sounds like USAir met the challenge- to some extent. I'm sure it didn't feel that way while you were experiencing it, though!

Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

What a horrible experience!! But at least you got some compensation for all the hassle. A few years ago I had to fly from Toronto to Florida on an emergency basis. My 7:00 am flight out of Toronto left at 1:00 pm because some bright soul forgot to empty the water lines on the plane and they all froze overnight. It took hours to defrost. I did get where I was going by the end of the day, but it was certainly a lot of additional stress in an already stressful situation. I tried to get some compensation from Delta and argued that the delay was not weather related but related to human error. All the other planes were taking off that morning under clear, sunny skies, so weather was not an issue. I got the brush off.

New York City, New...
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6. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

Just my opinion, but flying into a different city and having to go for a FOUR hour drive through and "unknown" area with a total stranger would have me on the phone to us air for at least a partial airfare refund. You paid to fly to PC and while some things are not in the airlines control, sending you off to florida and then getting there and being told "um, just kidding, AA can't take you to PC", NOW you are in Florida with your family having no idea how you are suppose to get to PC. THAT is horse manure. Enjoy PC and when you get home, you should definitely call US AIR.

Deep South, USA
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7. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

That really stinks! I would have been freaking out...especially since your already excited about your trip, have the kids ready only to be told time and time again you will have to wait! If it was me...I would pursue it further! I mean what have you got to lose? The least they would do is tell you know! It's not like your original flight was delayed a few hours...you had to fly to a completely different destination twice before arriving in Punta Cana! I mean it is true you did finally get there but they could have atleast offered you a complimentary ticket for your family for a future trip! Did they compensate you for the night you missed and paid for in Punta Cana?

Glasgow, United...
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8. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

i don't think you will get anywhere cause they offered to fly you out the next day but you chose to fly to another airport and go from there. i cannot believe you travel anywhere with no travel insurance . who does that in this day and age. if any of you needed medical treatment , you would have had to pay out thousands of dollars for treatment, especially when you were travelling with kids, also might have been able to claim something on that, even claiming the airline as they should have paid you for the delay IF you had taken up there offer of going the next day. bg

Philadelphia, PA
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9. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

bg - we had medical insurance that would fly us home, etc., in case of illness but I did not go for the trip insurance. Do you think they would have paid out a claim in this case?

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10. Re: Do you think US Air owes us something?

I'm surprised you got that much. A fifty dollar tip, wow. I personally never leave on a trip like that without insurance. Guess it wasn't your lucky day... hope the rest of your holiday went well and you had a good time?