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Itinerary advice - Late May

Hello all, it will be mine and my husband's first time to visit these beautiful parks and we will be there May 20-23 before heading up to Yosemite. If you would so kindly review my current itinerary and let me know if this is reasonable timing wise? We are mid-late 20s, in pretty good shape, but I will be 4 mo. pregnant so won't be able to do as much hard hiking as I would like:

Sat 20 - drive from SJC airport to Montecito Lodge via Foothills Entrance. We plan to make stops at The Giant Forest to hike the Big Trees Trail in the late afternoon/early evening to break up the Mountain driving a bit.

Sun 21 - Head South to do Giant Forest Museum, drive to/hike Moro Rock, Crescent Meadow (picnic lunch) and Tunnel Tree. Then head North to see the KC Visitor Center, General Grant Tree Trail, Hume lake (rent a canoe and go fishing), back to Montecito for dinner.

Mon 22 - Panoramic Point, drive the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway with stops at Junction view, Grizzly falls and ending at Zumwalt Meadow. Hike the meadow, Mist Falls trail (if we're up to it - if not, maybe another hike: Kanawyer Loop? The River Trail? Other?) then head back West, stopping at Roaring River Falls. South toward Montecito stopping at Redwood Mountain overlook and King's Canyon overlook. Back at lodge for dinner.

Tuesday 23 - We will be heading to Yosemite via highway 180, stopping to hike the General Grant Tree Trail and maybe another short hike (North Grove Loop? Buena Vista Peak? Other?) before leaving the park around lunch time.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions to swap things around to make more sense of our schedule. Any great places near Montecito Lodge to see the sunset? Thanks!