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Is this itinerary do-able?

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Is this itinerary do-able?

So, we are planning our BIG family holiday and finding it hard to decide on USA or Europe. We are looking at September time with 2 adults and 3 kids (12,11 and 9). So we are thinking perhaps combine the two and hit the big drawcard cities for us:

Brisbane to Dubai (2 nights to check that out)

Dubai to London (5 nights)

Eurostar to Paris and 4 nights in Paris

Then fly to NYC for 5 nights

Fly to LA for 3-4 nights

Then home (Brisbane)

Crazy or do-able? We will hit up Disneyland in LA or Paris for a day, but aside from that, it'll be the major touristy things with a touch of European history thrown in.

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1. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Sounds amazing to me!! Your children are old enough to understand the routines of travel and hotel stays etc. Also to get into the local history of each place.

September is probably a good time too - the weather will be okay - and crowds will have thinned down a little (in London and Paris at least).

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2. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

That actually seems kind of genius to me. Your kids seem to be at an age where their jet lag won’t destroy your sleep for a week and a half and it’s not like you’re spending much more time in a plane total than you would if you did just the US or just Europe.

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3. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Eurostar ( www.eurostar.com ) prices are at their cheapest when they are first released (about 90 day before departure), so you may want to bookmark your dates. The journey between London and Paris is just under 3 hours, which saves a substantial amount of time. Although flights between London and Paris are short, it's the time getting to, in and from the airports, that takes so long.. .

Sometimes Eurodisney have special offers combining the Eurostar & accommodation in Eurodisney for short packages.

For London, suggest you check out www.tfl.go.uk It's the main website for London Transport, & apart

from transport (including how to get & use an Oyster Card), it also provides lots of tourist information.

As others have already said, September is a lovely month to travel, so you won't need winter weight clothes!

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4. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I thought September the best time... it’s tempting to do it in December/January when we are having our big school break but just too cold then I think!

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5. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Thanks for the great tips

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6. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Personally, I'd be a disaster with those constant time changes. I know jet lag is going to be a problem no matter what, but I feel like I'd be out of my mind because just as I'd get adjusted there's another time change.

My other thought is that's a lot of time in big cities. I enjoy urban travel, but three weeks of it might be too much for my senses (and certainly for my kids). There's so much to see of both Europe and the US that are not in big cities. I, personally, would try to schedule a couple days in the middle of the trip to head out to the countryside or a beach.

That said, the itinerary is doable. It's just a matter if you actually want to do it. =)

Have a great trip and good luck with your plans!

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7. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Thanks Dushman... I hadn't given a great deal of consideration to jet lag (now it seems glaringly obvious lol)... we love urban travel, we live on a farm so the kids get a real kick out of big cities.

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8. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Disnleyland LA, absolutely. Its much much better. You are saying only one day, but its the sort of place that really needs 3. There's two huge parks and tons to do and see. Given the ages of your kids, its a good time to enjoy that experience and get it over with, but don't short change it. If you stay nearby (I really liked the location and amenities at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott. Walkable to the front gates, easy and cheap dining and big rooms that can accommodate the five of you. LA is all spread out and doesn't have a core, so trying to see all of it from one base is actually quite difficult. Focussing on Orange County destinations like DL, Huntingdon Beach and Balboa Island is doable in your time frame from a single base.

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9. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Jade, FWIW the reason I think your idea is genius is because you’re going west. I don’t know if this is universal, but for our family jet lag is near non-existent when traveling west. It’s when going east that I end up with kids waking up at two in the morning for a week.

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10. Re: Is this itinerary do-able?

Doable YES but tough on everyone. With long flights like you are planning and the jet lag you are bound to have one or more of your group get sick with a cold or something else. To adjust to jet lag for everyone is going to be a real problem and probably unpleasant.

I suggest you stick to Europe or to the US. With what looks like 3 weeks you could easily do Europe. We did a one month trip from Rome to Switzerland, France and then London with our 2 kids and it worked out very well.We mixed a bit of country side and lots of city but places like Rome, Venice, Paris and London are so enchanting. We rented a car from Venice and then dropped it off in Paris and then the Eurostar to London.

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