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In need of travelling tips!

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In need of travelling tips!

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice 😊

I’m considering travelling the world but I have no idea where to start!!! I am a young female and will be travelling alone. I’m unsure of where I would like to visit but would love to hear other people’s experiences.

I would also like to go travelling for around 3/4 months (nothing too long or I’ll get home sick!) but not sure how much it’ll cost in total. Ideally I’d like it to remain under the £6k mark - is this realistic for 3 months travelling? Has anyone else done before and has any ideas?

Are there any “must see” locations/POI’s??

Thank you all


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1. Re: In need of travelling tips!

I would love to be able to help you, Rhianna, but I fear that your 'question' is just far too broad for a travel forum. The world is a huge place, and only you can decide what interests you. Are there any regions or countries that you feel are really calling out to you? For me it was always the USA and New Zealand.

What I'll suggest to you is to have a browse of some travel blogs that you find through Google, and see if ther eis any inspiration for you in them.

I'll also say that over 3 months, £6000 works out at around £65 per day or just over. That is not a lot once you factor in transportation, insurane, any visa's that you need, accommodation and food, never mind sightseeing souvenirs, a few drinks and all that stuff as well. Some places are much cheaper than others, and you'd have to look at visiting those to keep within such a budget. Or you could simply take a shorter trip.

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2. Re: In need of travelling tips!

Assuming you will have airfare (and even if you don't) £6000 is too little. When you first begin to make major trips, begin with your budgeted amount and then fit the trip to what you can afford. I can tell you that I know how to do many things cheaply, and I spend $4,000 to $5,000 on a comfortable but far less than luxurious two-week trip that involves a transatlantic flight. And always have some reserve. It is almost inevitable that you spend more than you anticipate. And a trip of the length you propose creates many additional considerations difficult enough for experienced travelers. Consider beginning with shorter trips and limiting them to one or two countries. Every place you visit presents different challenges.

Beyond that, I suggest you read some general books on different countries and regions and see which appeal to you. There are certainly places I have warmer feelings for. And since I presume you are in UK, consider European destinations first, places you can access by train or modestly prices flights. You will not, I assure you, in even several trips, experience anything like all the places people consider must-see.

And I really believe in keeping trips free of stress. And to do that, you heavily depend on what you learn on earlier trips. So keep it simple and plan it thoroughly so you can relax and enjoy it.

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3. Re: In need of travelling tips!

I see Questions like yours sometimes over on the Solo Travel forum so you may want to do some reading of the first dozen or so pages on that forum and also read through that forums Top Question section links (Top Questions section can be found at the top right side of any forum page if you are on the full Tripadvisor website). Here’s Solo Travel forum- https:/…ShowForum-g1-i12357-Solo_Travel.html

Here’s the forms homepage too - https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ForumHome

I would start by visiting a public library near you and borrowing a selection of Travel Guidebooks on countries or regions which interest you. That may help you narrow down which bits of the world really interest you and are achievable.

Have you searched the Internet for Travel Blogs by people travelling the world? They would be full of prices, tips, itineraries, transport routes etc, eg. NomadicMatt website. Another site of use would be The Price of Travel to give you rough costs of things in cities around the world- https://www.priceoftravel.com/

You budget may be ok if you are choosing countries which have cheap transport and accommodation, but your budget would not be enough for other regions. So first off, decide which countries you want to visit, start researching their costs, and work out an air route and check the price of that, then check accommodation costs. Or see which bits you want to do by train. The Man in Seat 61 website is great for train travel information- https://www.seat61.com/

Then you can browse various city forums here on TripAdvisor to start researching each place.

In your budget you also need to factor in the costs of tours, sightseeing, extras, extra cash for emergencies as you travel. Plus Travel Insurance of course. You can’t go off for 3 months around the world without a good Travel Insurance Policy. This topic and all it’s answers about Travel Insurance might be worth reading - https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowTopic-g1-…

Gosh, it’s a lot of work to plan a long trip, some of my trips (when I was younger) were 7-9 months away from home. You are lucky these days to have all the resources on the Internet, mobile phones, and TripAdvisor. Wish I had those back then.

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4. Re: In need of travelling tips!

Also, just thought of Visas. You will need to check if certain countries require you to organise a visa in advance. Factor in the extra cost of those too.

Also, injections/needles to protect you aginst certain diseases in certain regions, you need to check with your Doctor or a Travel Health Clinic and add in the cost for those to your budget.

This topic has lots of links and information about how to budget for a trip-


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5. Re: In need of travelling tips!

I agree with Avanti to check out a library for some books on travel.

If you'd like a place that's not too tough to get around, have you considered travelling within the Schengen Area Countries? These countries jointly monitor the region's border safety, travel requirements, some commerce, and access so it's pretty easy to move around them. Granted, some countries are going to cost more than others but since there's more than 20 countries that are part of the Schengen Area, there are multiple countries to choose from.

Bear in mind though that there is no holy grail for the cheapest destination ever. When it comes to trying to find the cheapest destination(s) out there, it's a bit like trying to find the answer to "How long is a piece of string". There's always going to be different factors that come in play like the pace you want to travel, the type of environment you wish to be in, your hobbies, etc...If you manage to budget tightly and only pay for your necessities, you can travel any country quite affordably.

As a first time traveller who'll potentially get homesick after an extended period of time, I recommend you choose the closest neighbouring country to yours and start there. While it isn't quite as far as you'd probably been thinking of going, the experiences you learn while travelling aren't entirely determined by the distance you cover.

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