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Banned after review

Hong Kong, China
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Banned after review


I wrote an honest review of a hotel and gave it a 1 star rating simply because the mattress was aweful.

The response from management was harsh to say the least, saying Do Not Come Back! And they bothered to print out my picture and stick it up for public viewing with a note saying Banned for slandering.

I also found out that they replaced the mattress anyway.

I don't care to go back to the establishment, but I would like my photo removed from public display.

Is there anyway TripAdvisor could intermediate?

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1. Re: Banned after review

Hi KareemMAGILL;

No, there isn't. TripAdvisor is a website - period. It's staff are employed to operate and maintain the site.

If you wish, speak with an attorney.

Best Regards

Chester, United...
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2. Re: Banned after review

I have just read the management response and find it odd that if you have stayed at the property several times why you did not complain when you were there and get things sorted out

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3. Re: Banned after review

I read your review, and the MR to it, and see no image of you attached by the Management of the place.

Indeed, there is no way that an image of a reviewer can be attached to a MR.

The only image related to your review is your own TA avatar which you chose yourself.

The MR didn’t say you were “ banned for slandering,” so please don’t make things up in pursuance of your complaint here, it simply suggested that you don’t go back there.

That’s probably for the best....

You had your say, and the management has the right to reply, which they have done.

Are you denying the management claim that they refunded your money?

If you don’t like the fact that a management/ owner has the right of reply, then I’m sorry, but TA won’t Intervene , as long as the Review and the MR to it don’t breach TA rules..

Edited: 15 May 2018, 03:49
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4. Re: Banned after review

Where is this photo that management put up for public viewing? Is it on FaceBook? Definitely, cannot find it on TA. If it's on another site, why in the world would TripAdvisor get involved in removing it?

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5. Re: Banned after review


I think the OP refers to the fact that his avatar is visible when someone looks at his Review and the MR to it.

If his image has been used on another site, ( ? Farcebook perhaps) by the Management, then it’s nothing to do with TA methinks, because the OP presumably posted an avatar on Farcebook too..


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6. Re: Banned after review


If my avatar was as cheezy as that, I would change it immediately anyway.....

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7. Re: Banned after review

I suspect that the owner has put the picture up at the hotel's office.

No, TripAdvisor cannot control people's behavior or what they choose to hang on their wall. They can only control what they are permitted to do on the website. You can take it up with the local authorities if you believe that you might be legally protected from this type of public humiliation and accusation, but if it's legal then you have to endure it.

In the future, it's better to avoid providing enough info to be personally identified if you want to write an anonymous review.

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8. Re: Banned after review

Maybe the hotel has printed out the OP’s avatar, and pinned it to the wall, in the employee coffee room, at the inn?

However, not sure how anyone, outside the hotel staff, would know?


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9. Re: Banned after review

Absolutely (almost) died laughing when I read post #8.

Waiting for OP to let us know what’s what.

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10. Re: Banned after review

>>>I suspect that the owner has put the picture up at the hotel's office.<<<

I supected that too when I read the opening post.

Kareem, the hotel is likely to be quite wihtin it's rights to choose not to welcome you back in the future. It may alos be wihtin it's rights to inform people that you have been banned n the way that they have chosen. It all depends on the local laws.

None of this has anything to do with Tripadvisor, I'm afraid.

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