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Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

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Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

There has recently been several postings which daily readers of these posts always take the side of the reviewer, not the business owner. Is the reviewer always, always , and I do mean always correct no they are not and we all know it. the reviewer sometimes can just be someone who had a bad vacation because it rained the whiole time, or was to cold, or they had to wait a few minustes to get a table, or they had trouble with directions, or the room did not have a view of the ocean like the picture on the brochure.

Of course once someone asks how to edit there review they want to further hurt the business or defend against a management responce but once you guys give them the heads up of course they are going to say something positive. The business owner has enough problems . while the reviewer I cannot even think of a reason to defend because there defence is the review itself. Anything can be written in a review and pass as "well that must of been there poinion" or" some peoples see things differently and thats ok"," or that must of been there experiance" well this is my opinion why have a problem with it as in reviews let posters read it or not this is my opinion just as in reviews. this is my experiance, this is how i feel, let them choose to use it as part of ther T.A experiance or not. read it quick it will not last and be shure to note its the weekend so how my posts get removed so fast must be magic.

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1. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

Hi sanibelcruise;

Are you suggesting that when a user asks a question how to edit their review, that the question should not be answered ?

Can you please summarize you suggestion.

Best Regards

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2. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

RT, I think what he's saying is that since reviewers can write almost anything and have their reviews stand, TA should also allow posters' comments to remain on the forums.

Of course, some reviews *are* removed...but we all know that lots of "contentious" ones remain....and from personal experience, I can attest the same kind of thing happens on the forums.

Sanibelcruise, I tend to agree with you that the posting rules can be a bit too strict--I've seen posts removed that I felt should have stayed--but this is TA's "playground", and if we want to play here we have to follow their rules. ( tripadvisor.com/help/what_are_the_guidelines… )

If you think that any of your posts have been improperly removed, you can contact TA to ask if they can be reinstated. Otherwise, before submitting your posts, maybe try re-reading them with a critical eye to see if they break any of the rules.

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3. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

57 posts and 55 of them are in this forum. It would seem to me that you need to USE TA a bit before you come and criticize everything.

BTW I know in my forum there have been posts against a business and many regulars ( DE and non-DE) have come to the defense of the business. WE knew it and felt the OPs statements were wrong. If daily readers are coming to the defense of a negative review it could be because that business DESERVES a negative review!

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4. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews


I'm really struggling to work out what you're trying to say there.

You are quite correct that other factors will sometimes influence a customer's experience, but that can be for the good, as well as the bad.

The reaction to being placed in a hotel room unlike that suggested in the brochure might depend on, say, how good or bad the journey getting there was, assuming of course that the view is there somewhere.

Are you asking TA to ask reviewers and forum contributors to be a bit more objective?

Or are you asking TA not to delete comments that confront lack of objectivity?

If that second question, then deletion of posts has more to do with how the difference in opinion was delivered.

For example, if I had simply responded to you concerns with a simple: "move on man" you probably wouldn't have appreciated and besides, "move on man" wouldn't be in the least bit helpful, would it?

If, on the other hand, I responded with a simple "so what", or "who cares?", then, apart from being just as unhelpful I would, in effect, be trying to manage the content of the forum, applying a form of bullying.

If I were a business owner who responds to a question or concern with a "who cares" it would not reflect well on my business and so TA would be doing me a favour by deleting such a post.

I see from time to time that people appreciate businesses that take criticism on board and make changes, so, if I were a business owner who responded to a question with a "who cares" and then, rather than learning from the deletion of my post, came back in here trying to have a go at TA about it, then I would be showing myself up as being the kind of business owner who doesn't evolve. And that too would not reflect well on my business.

So do you now still think TA should adjust the guidelines ?

As for your comment on editing reviews: that too is difficult to understand.

You seem to be saying 2 separate things and putting them together.

You imply that all reviewers asking about how to edit are wanting to do so with malicious intent.

That is simply not true. Many reviewers simply want to share information, such as whether the shower head is adjustable, if there's a lift, how far to the beach... these are all straight forward bits of factual information that they might want to pass on. Then later they realize they've left out just such a tidbit and want to add it.

If I were a business owner demonstrating one sided, blindly negative presumptions of reviewers motives over such a question, that too wouldn't be a good advertisement for my business. Just saying.

And then, you imply that these pent-up fuses, ready to smash a business reputation are going to go all sweet and friendly and say something nice about the business instead, simply because their question on how to edit was politely answered. I can't even begin to work out how you arrived at that conclusion.

If you're suggesting such questions should not be answered then that would resolve nothing.

Or, are you simply saying that people should not be able to edit reviews to which management have already responded to?

Sanibel Island...
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5. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

As to raglady I am a business owner and have had a listing for several years on trip advisor so I am aware of both sides of the story. I use trip advisor every day to check my listing and postings and are very highly rated. Havn't added but the one review because no vacation for several years just the long weekend on Fort Myers beach.

manitoba you seem to get it I feel some of the postings should stay as do reviews and let the readers decide if they choose to read it or not and to use it in there T.A experiance or not . That is what we expect of the reviewers why not posters?

clipper always look forward to what you have to say yes I do feel a reviewer should be more objective. As I do before a management responce take a breath,or sleep on it dont run to T.A to vent and I am shure they can find something positive to say in therereview to make the review more readable not questionable.

Yes I think once a review has been posted positive or negitive and a management responce has been placed that should be the final thing the reviewer should be able to do (good or bad they should think about the review for a while before posting). I am not asking T.A to delete comments that confront lack of objectivity but reviewers and post readers to be more objective.

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6. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

many people have commented that the management response is a pack of lies. It has occasionally been suggested that to combat that problem, time limit permitting, the reviewer should get their review removed and re-submit it to counter such lies.

I gather you think they shouldn't be able to do so.

I have wondered about that because if they do re-write, can management do the same and then the reviewer follows up with another re-write and management follow through too and on and on and on, then, apart from creating an extra work load for TA staff, it's more likely that time and circumstance will result in a less than truthful review.

So although it is possible to do a re-write at least once, and in my opinion that's not so bad, I do not know how many times a re-write is allowable. perhaps someone else here can tell us.

So, although you would rather there be no re-write allowed where management have responded, if you had to put an upper limit on it what would that be, (5? 3? 20?)

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7. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

None. The business owner is trying to defend the business and his staff. Sometimes (not always) the reviewer is just talking about one event.

Let the reader of the review (good or bad) take the management responce as one part of there decision about spending money at that business.

As you said no need to have T.A spend time reposting reviews with errors

spend time on fresh ones.

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8. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

I had said that "many people have commented that the management response is a pack of lies"

In the context of that:

"The business owner is trying to defend the business and his staff."

could be read as an admission that management response can be a pack of lies

"Sometimes (not always) the reviewer is just talking about one event"

That provides confirmation of more than you might have thought of at time of writing.

It suggests that you feel business owners may take it upon themselves to feel morally justified to lie to cover up a single event (or more).

Not only is that a very _very_ slippery slope, but you might not have realized how that implication reflects on your own protests over a particular review.

Surely then, in the light of admissions such as that, reviewers should be allowed to delete their review and re-submit it. But I would put a limit on that to Twice.

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9. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

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Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Thanks for being a part of the TripAdvisor travel community!

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10. Re: Let postings be and let readers decided as in reviews

Once again there are plenty of you that dont own a business defending the reviewer Yes I am here in this case to defend the business owner.

I have responded to business owners many times on these posts by saying the management responce is your best tool in responce to a review (good or bad) and can be used if worded correctly as a positive for any business. I can take criticism, I can admit when I am wrong, just not here because I am not.

Highly rated business have been for several years and dont think by you or any one post or review will change that if it does I am wrong.. By your words I think you know what should happen but I wont go to all my buddies and have them protest it to T.A and have it removed I will just respond as a good business owner should.

Of course when you send a message begging someone to respond to my post they will and we all know thats what happened.

If my business (or any business) solely depended on reviews or these postings for business I wouldnt have one. If a potential guest reads one of my posts or any of our reviewss and chooses to not go with us so be it.

I dont need to defend my business the years and 2000

guests each year speak for themselves. You understand that most people may use any of this information as a tool for there choice on vacation but if they use it as the only tool they are foolish.

You ref My management responces( I believe isnt your place here) but which one do you think is out place for the review (just courious)

Now as far as defending at all costs I dont see it in my M.Rs but maybe you can inlighten me.

Now some posts say Management responces are a pack of lies well what about some reviews?

You understand that as I, and most small business owners are employing several people with a family to feed, and pay rent, and clothing for there kids car payments and so on.

Yes I think they should defend there business at all costs there arent many

of us (small businesses) out there. If the buisness is a bad one his or her

management responce will not save it.

So one review by one minuate, hour , day of one person that premotes a review that is a pack of lies yes the business has the righ to defend that one review at all costs and let the reader (as we do in the reviews) to decide if it a pack of lies thats what we expect of the reviewer.