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Worst Experience Flying?

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Worst Experience Flying?

We were flying out of Las Vegas and they made an announcement they 'lost' an engine and would have to return to McCarran.

The pilots seemed calm even though the plane only had two engines.

A lot of people were freeking.

I was sitting in the exit row and it seemed liked the stewards would come over every five minutes asking if we knew how to open the exit door.

I really said something I should not have said

I said, "Well, if we crash, I will just walk out of the huge gaping hole in the fuselage and just forget about the emergency exit door.'

That did not go over well.

I was completely unafraid for some reason.

And, when we landed, it was like the movies. Fire-trucks lining the runway.

Delta actually sent me a $100 certificate and an apology.

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1. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

Twin engined aircraft are designed to happily run on one engine so it really wouldn't un-nerve me either.

It's the single engined aircraft you want to worry about, and that happened to a friend. Ditched it in s field and all was well bar being a little shaken up.

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2. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

That is scary and glad it's never happened to me.

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3. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

There was a British documentary about 10 years ago on flight safety where they did an experiment on simulated evacuation that they filmed. The first run they called to evacuate and everyone was quite orderly and did it within however many seconds they were aiming for.

The second run they said they would pay 10 pounds or whatever to the first 100 out of the plane. It was a free for all - people pushing and climbing over each other.

I suspect that's what it'd be like if an accident really did happen and the majority of people weren't injured...you may not even be the one opening the exit door if you are sitting in that row - the guy standing on your head screaming 'let me out, let me out probably will!!!

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4. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

August 1982 - late afternoon - Frontier 737-200

Stapleton [DEN] on final for Runway 26R - West towards the mtns.

Hit a CAT Mountain Wave

Plane rolled 30 degrees right and then a violent 180 degree roll to the left - actually saw the numbers 26R painted on the runway out the window

Pilot immediately increased power, executed a go-around and landed on 17R

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5. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

This thread is not helping Daniel :-

“ How do you calm your nerves?” :-


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6. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

Denver to Miami. 5 hours flight. the first 3 hours was pure thunderstorm. the flight attendants were not allowed to serve. so it was 3 hours of constant heavy turbulence with no food, no drink and no toilet.

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7. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

Re # 5

>> This thread is not helping Daniel :- “ How do you calm your nerves?” <<


But could do, if bearing in mind, that everybody reporting here has survived... :o)

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8. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

If they hadnt have survived then they couldnt have posted!

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9. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

I once had a poor Chardonnay on a flight with a budget UK carrier to Puglia in Southern Italy. It wasn't just a rather below-par wine; it wasn't sufficiently chilled! A dreadful experience; it scarred me for life and almost put me off flying.

The upside was that having reached Puglia, I did discover wonderful regional wines, such as 'Primitivo', a robust red. This then, little known vine is genetically identical to the grape variety 'Zinfandel' which as many of you know, was subsequently popularised by growers in the wester coastal states of our former colony of America. The root-stock was presumably taken to the New World in the 19th Century by emigrants from the impoverished south of Italy.

Which only goes to show, that, while into each life, some rain must fall, there is often gold, or in my case, a ruby-red vintage at the end of the consequent rainbow.

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10. Re: Worst Experience Flying?

I would hate the no toilet part and when nervous that is what I want to do - go to the toilet - that is another reason why I go to the toilet all the time on the plane because once you hit turbulence that is it - can't leave your seat. Quite frightening I would image being in that situation - hope it doesn't happen too often to anyone.