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Easyjet review

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Easyjet review

I do hope that this is seen as a constructive review and not a criticism of Easyjet as there is nothing wrong with them, however, they operate in a certain way which differs from other airlines and travellers should be aware of this.

Easyjet are a very efficient airline on a day to day basis however they will not hesitate to cancel a flight completely if there is any danger of the plane not getting in the air. Their internal goal is to keep planes flying and earning money.

This seems logical until you are the traveller without a plane. They will not reschedule the flight or lay others on to help the back log.

You maybe offered a flight the next few days or sent home to claim a full refund. My advice is not to use Easyjet for holidays only for occasional or business trips or you will find yourself losing not only the flight but the whole holiday when they can even get you there.

In fairness to Easyjet they do not hide the fact but beware especially in the busy holiday season or you will at some point be a victim.

Someone like Monarch or Iberia will always reschedule and try to get you there and are prepared to have planes and crews shifted around to do this and that is the real difference.

You may pay slightly more but you will get your holiday.

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1. Re: Easyjet review

This is a drawback of low cost airlines generally. There is little or no back up when things go wrong, and the airlines will often go to great lengths even to avoid their "duty of care" to passengers which applies to all but the shortest delays as well as to short-notice cancellations, whatever the cause. Any airline can suffer cancellations and delays, but some have better contingency plans than others when things go wrong. That is definitely a consideration for me when I buy my tickets.

It does seem that Easyjet has been cancelling a lot of flights lately. From what I can see, a lot of it is consolidation on thinner routes, filling one aircraft rather than sending two at different times half full. That is less of a problem as you are still likely to go the same day, just at a later time. Their over-ambitious turn around time can also cause delays which result in the final flight of the day being cancelled, especially into airports like Geneva which have curfews.

Really though, the vast majority of people get where they are going more or less on time on all airlines including Easyjet. The important thing is to know your rights and make sure the airlines do what they are supposed to do in the event there is a problem.

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2. Re: Easyjet review

<<Easyjet are a very efficient airline on a day to day basis however they will not hesitate to cancel a flight completely if there is any danger of the plane not getting in the air.>>

Whats your evidence for that? Other than presumably your one-off experience?

<< Their internal goal is to keep planes flying and earning money.>>

That appears to directly contradict your previous statement above "they will not hesitate to cancel a flight" ?

<<They will not reschedule the flight or lay others on to help the back log.>>

No airline will do that for a one-off cancellation.

<<Someone like Monarch or Iberia will always reschedule>>

Again,whats your evidence for that? Presumably you have some statistics regards EJ cancellations, delays, and the same for others, and can therefore compare, contrast,and prove this? I once had to spend the night in Miami because due to delays the crew went out of hours. American didnt schedule a special new flight for us, they just put people on various different planes the next day.

<< are prepared to have planes and crews shifted around to do this and that is the real difference.>>

You have only got to watch the "airline" program to see that EJ do, indeed, do that.

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3. Re: Easyjet review

You may want to repost your Easyjet review here --> http://www.airlinequality.com/Forum/easy.htm

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4. Re: Easyjet review

I'd read about some customers who bought tickets months in advance for certain routes-just one example. Except that EasyJet thought that these routes were not profitable enough and decided to cancel them with the only recourse for those passengers affectted was to rebook at a later date which made no sense. So I'll say that, in general, there is a risk involved in booking so-called low cost airlines. Some thought such as they're great when they're good and terrible when they're bad comes to mind. My flights with EZY were both good fortunately. But had they decided to cancel either flight I'd have been in a bad predicament as a long haul flight would've been affected.

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5. Re: Easyjet review

I'd like to add my personal experience.

We flew out of Luton, a EJ flight to Inverness, scheduled 10 minutes before the football game started (England- Germany). Our luggage was checked in already, we slowly made our way to the gate alredeady. Suddenly (!) it was announced that the crew ran out of hours. How can that be? What kind of organization os behind such event! Even the EJ help desk assumed that there might have been a very other reason. We waited 7 hours in Luton until all passenders of that flight were re-booked on flight on the following 3 days!!!! Only then, late evening they were carrying us with the bus to a hotel 10 minutes away.

No food vouchers, unfriendly, no information -

Cheap, but not customer-focused. If you don't mind happenings like that, take that carrier, if you want to start your holiday as planned go for a better organized company!

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6. Re: Easyjet review

I recently wrote a trip report of an easyJet round trip experience, as below link. Again, I wasn't knocking EZY, merely explaining their modus operandi and how I saw it:



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7. Re: Easyjet review

easjet gets you no frills from point a to B. i dont know why people expect so much or are suprised when things aren't 100% after all you truly get what you pay for. I usually just go with regular airlines. you do pay a little more but less bs and hassles.

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8. Re: Easyjet review

Every time I have considered what flight to use, I have found that Easyjet represented only a minimal saving, once all the extras had been factored in. If they were significantly cheaper, I would certainly be tempted to use them, but that has not happenned yet

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9. Re: Easyjet review

Beware Easyjet baggage policies! I paid ahead of time online for a second bag, only to find out that I was still allowed only 20 kilos! I was forced to pay E10 per kilo extra. There is no way to avoid this by paying for an extra bag.

(I had a small musical instrument with me as the second bag.)

I had no trouble with Spanair, but find EasyJet to be out to get as much as they can. A 29 Euro ticket ended up costing almost $300.00!!! I weigh less than most passengers and say "If weight is the issue, then I am not the problem!"

The problem is that if you come over to Europe with International baggage allowances and then have to take an internal flight, you are severely punished for your baggage weight. We are discouraged from even buying anything on such a trip, sadly. But the worst thing is the openly abusive nature of cornering you with paying overweight.

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10. Re: Easyjet review

It's clearly indicated when adding more bags that this won't give you more weight-allowance. Next time, pay more attention and you won't be caught out.

I rarely check in luggage so other posters will know better than me but I think it's fairly standard practice that adding more bags won't increase your allowance as such, though some airlines offer extra kilos at a fee. I seem to remember that BA has a system like this.

Edit: Just checked Easyjet and they actually have exactly this system. You can choose to add more bags (which won't give you more weight-allowance), and/or you can choose to increase your weight-allowance (up to 32kgs total).

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