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Do you see any issues with this plan?

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Do you see any issues with this plan?

After researching a number of the usual travel websites, I've put together an itinerary that seems reasonable, both for layovers(2-3 hrs), and for cost. I'm aware of Norwegian's strict no-frills restrictions (we're reserving seats but bringing our own food, and carrying on- watching the weight carefully). And I'm booking directly with the carriers. I know there is a bit of a risk due to different airlines, so if I miss a connection, it's not like American is gonna help me get the next Norwegian flight out of EWR. I'm new to the international travel planning so, please let me if anything looks iffy or just plain goofy. I was going to go nonstop but the savings might be too much to pass up here. Thanks in advance.

First Leg;

Charlotte to Newark 6/11 1:15 pm to 3:08 pm via American

Newark to Paris 6/11 5:30 pm to 6:35 am via Norwegian

Second Leg;

Rome to Paris 6/24 8:10 am to 10:10 am via Alitalia

Paris to Newark 6/24 1:25 pm to 3:30 pm via Norwegian

Newark to Charlotte 6/24 6:29 pm to 8:28 pm via American

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1. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

Only real caution would be the USA return, EWR, then CLT.

Even with a real Xonnection, I always want 3:00 min, for International to Domestic, and I have both Global Entry, and TSA Pre-Check.

Now, with separate tickets, and unprotected “connection/layovers,” there is a risk factor involved, so much depends on one’s tolerance to risk.

This Top Questions helps address the pitfalls, if you have not seen it: https:/…Connecting.On.Separate.Tickets.html

Best of luck, and is it correct to assume that you are buying from the airlines, and not some slinky 3rd party agent?


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2. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

With an international flight at risk I would fly in the day before and find a cheap airport hotel. If you miss your Norwegian flight you will have to BUY a new ticket. That would put a big damper on your trip. And if either airline changes the schedule, say American changes their flight to a later time, or Norwegian to an earlier time you are SOL.

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3. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

I’d want a lot more wiggle room on the outbound with a flight to Paris at stake.

I’d avoid booking with Alitalia if you. An, they’ve been in financial difficulties for quite a time and I would not want to depend on them getting me to Paris in time to catch a transatlantic flight.

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4. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

Agree that I'd want much more time when trying to make an international flight(your flight to Paris) when booking a separate ticket!! What time of year is this??

2 hrs is barely the amount of time I'd want to be at the airport(more like 3) before any international flight. They will start boarding 1 hr before take off.

I am too risk averse to do what you propose!

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5. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

please read the article that Hunt references in 1. Too risky

secondly there are airlines that i would not fly Alitalia being one of them but don't ask me why. I flew them a few times and that is the end of my experience with that airline

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6. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

This is why I'm so glad that this forum exist. Thank you, each of you, for your feedback. Fyi, yes, booking directly with airlines. I covered that in another recent post, which helped set me on the right path :-)

For the first leg, American has plenty of flights from CLT to EWR prior to the one I'd looked at, so we could get there even earlier and have a nice buffer. So I'm less concerned about the outbound leg.

But returning from Rome to Paris to catch the Norwegian flight home is more of a concern, especially if Alitalia may not be so reliable. I'll circle back and see about earlier flights out of FCO for a better buffer on a more stable airline.

And then there is the concern about airlines changing flight times. That's a wildcard that I hadn't given much thought to. That's challenging. But thank you for the feedback. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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7. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

Is there a reason for this itinerary, rather than a multi-city flight? I'm pretty sure American has direct flights from Charlotte to Paris and Rome to Charlotte.

I'm supposing it's price?

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8. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

This is for June 2018 travel? My experience with booking so far out, there are always schedule changes.

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9. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

What does SOL (acronym introduced by terriks) mean?

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10. Re: Do you see any issues with this plan?

@9, SOL = s--te out of luck

My two cents to the OP, if this is the first international trip you've ever planned (and presumably, gone on) you're taking too much risk cobbling together flights like this. Do yourself a favor and pay for the single ticket, let the airlines assume the risk of reschedules and missed flights.

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