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WOW Air.....just wow.

Saint John, Canada
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WOW Air.....just wow.

Kind of a long story...

I flew from Boston to Stockholm last week with WOW air and they lost my luggage upon arrival, unfortunately everything I had was in the bag since it was slightly too large to bring as a carry-on. They wouldn't do a single thing for me other than to contact me once they were able to track down my bag, and wished me luck as I spent the next 7 days in Sweden and Norway with nothing but my wallet, passport, and the clothes off my back. Towards the end of my trip, they informed me that my bag has been found at the Stockholm airport. My return flight was from Oslo back to Boston (with Norwegian air), so I requested that it be sent back to Boston so that I could pick it up on arrival. They say they can't do that, and that the bag will be shipped back to my home address in Canada. Here's the kicker, the bag had my car keys in it, and my car was parked in Boston. So now I'm in Boston, on Easter Sunday, with no way of getting my car back to Canada as my bag is in transit to my hometown airport. This might seem ridiculous, but I decide the best thing to do is to rent a car, drive the 6 hours back home, get my bag (and keys) from my airport, and drive back to Boston in the rental car to pick up my own car the next day. WOW air says the bag should be there at 1 AM that same night, so sure enough, I show up at 1 AM and what do you know, no bag. At this point I give up, file another lost baggage claim, go home and go to bed. Today they tell me my bag is actually in Frankfurt, and that they are now working on sending it out today. No-one will tell me if I'll be compensated anything, I'm stuck with a car rental at 100$ a day until I can get my bag back and car keys, and my vacation was basically ruined. I realize that WOW air is a discount airline, but they have done absolutely nothing for me since the moment I checked in last Saturday.

My advice would be don't fly WOW air, or at least don't check any baggage. If you get into a situation like mine, their customer service is non-existent.

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1. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

I think the most important message here is to never put your car keys in checked luggage

Dublin, Ireland
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2. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

your responsibility to ensure your carry on bag is the correct size

your responsibility to ensure that nothing of value goes into the hold

no compensation due as bags are not considered lost til day 21

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3. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

"the bag had my car keys in it, and my car was parked in Boston. "

I really hope you aren't looking for sympathy here. Coz you're not going to get it. As you can probably already tell by the first two replies.

For future reference, check the bag dimensions for carry on so you don't have to check your cabin bag. And if you do have to check it, take out anything valuable (including car keys) and a change of clothes or two.

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Edinburgh, United...
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4. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

"They wouldn't do a single thing for me other than to contact me once they were able to track down my bag"

So basically what every airline does in case a bag is delayed. It has nothing at all to do with being a lowcost carrier and I have no idea what else you were expecting.

Some tips: Don't pack every single item in your checked lugagge but take clothes for at least a couple of days. If you have to buy essentials while waiting for your bag then keep receipts and make a claim to the airline after your trip. If here are items they won't cover then claim on your insurance. I can't imagine anyone will cover the cost of car hire when that's down to you foolishly checking your car keys and then ignoring the info you were provided with.

Bristol, England
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5. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

You put your car keys in your checked luggage? Just wow....

Saint John, Canada
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6. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

Yes...I forgot to remove my car keys from the bag before checking it. You are all correct, that was a very dumb move. Lesson learned.

Phoenix, Arizona
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7. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.


Yes, there are several "life lessons" here, and many of us have learned them "the hard way."

Even very experienced air travelers occasionally encounter a "forehead slapping moment." "Why didn't I think this through?"

Hope all goes well.


Saint John, Canada
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8. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

Thanks Hunt, I appreciate the kind words. This has certainly been a reality check, now time to dig myself out of this mess!

Pacifica, California
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9. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

Also, a mobile locksmith could have created a new key for your car while you were in Boston. (One of those things I learned "the hard way.")

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: WOW Air.....just wow.

Bags do get lost. Every airline loses them occasionally. And it's never as easy to get it back as you want. We all like to think they have bar codes on the bag and can track exactly where they are at any time but they don't. On my last lost bag, the airline's automated system would give me updates that were incorrect. When I called someone they could tell me where the bag was but couldn't estimate that accurately when it would be returned. So take what they tell you with a grain of salt and be happy when your bag does eventually show up. Some airlines will give you some cash or a care pack with some toiletries or a clean shirt to get you through until your bag is returned. But Wow, being a discount carrier, probably won't do that.

If you have travel insurance you might be able to make a claim for the delayed bag. Many credit cards will pay out a fixed amount for a delayed bag so check the terms for the card you used to make the purchase.

Also airline's liability is very limited for lost or delayed bags. They are not going to pay for the rental car. If they do return your bag, I don't think they technically owe you any compensation. If you lodge a complaint through their customer service department, my experience with other airlines is they'll compensate you with some miles or a credit towards a future flight as a gesture of goodwill.

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