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The Dishonest Practices of Club Wyndham

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The Dishonest Practices of Club Wyndham

On May 1, 2018, my husband and I participated in a timeshare presentation hosted by Wyndham Resorts in Chicago, Illinois. We saw many benefits to the Wyndham timeshare program, and we were interested in learning more about it. Our daughter will be performing off-Broadway this summer, and we thought the Wyndham Midtown 45 would be a wonderful place to stay, especially since it is located near the theater district.

After the initial presentation, we sat with our presenter. We are owners of Disney Vacation Club, and we asked some questions comparing the two programs. Our presenter did not know the information, so he sought out another representative, who was able to answer us. Once she left, our initial rep asked if we had any more questions, so naturally we inquired as to the cost of points. We expected a flat rate, and were shocked when the rep said he had to do a credit check before he could tell us "what he could do for us" with regard to points.

When we questioned that, he left and brought back the rep we had met earlier. She explained that there are different tiers with different costs, and took a sidebar to talk about the levels of programs that Wyndham offers. Again, she did not give us a per-point price. Instead, she tried selling membership levels. Again, we thought this was odd. We explained that it was not in our best interest to purchase at this time, and she curtly closed her book and left.

Our original rep thanked us for coming by and asked if we would take a survey before we left.

Representative #3 entered to administer the survey. He asked a couple of questions and we explained that we liked the program, but we were truly looking for something less expensive that could be used when we see our daughter in New York. He introduced us to Club Wyndham Discovery, and explained it as a 2-year program that included Perks, in which we would receive 400,000 points to "try out" the timeshare program. We asked about the New York location and he told us that it was beautiful, but it was a lot of points. We asked about how many points per night it would be, and he gave us a ballpark number, which we indeed would have been able to use with the points we were given in this program.

We decided that this program would be worth the money, since we'd have to spend a lot of money on hotels in New York anyway, and we'd have points left over to use in another location. We chatted with the third rep about our daughter performing this summer, and he shared that his niece was also a performer and was on The Voice. It was CLEAR from our conversation that we intended to use this program on the Midtown 45 hotel in New York City.

As we finished signing the papers, the rep gave us the resort catalog and said that we should look online for a full listing of hotels, as new locations are added all the time and the catalog was not fully up to date. We glanced through it and did not see the Midtown 45, but assumed, given our conversation with the rep, that it was one that was available to us, but not listed in the catalog.

Finally, the rep said that we should wait 10-14 days for our information to be put into the computer before we'd be able to access the member information and begin booking our trip.

So, over coffee on Saturday, May 12, we decided to see if we were able to log in and begin booking our trip. Our information was there, and we happily decided to book our stay. However, when we began the process, we discovered that we are NOT eligible to stay at the location we wanted. That hotel is not available to the Discovery members.

We were utterly shocked, especially after the extensive conversation we had with rep #3 not only about our intentions to stay at that hotel, but that we were purchasing the program BECAUSE we would be able to stay at the Midtown 45!

We called Customer Service about this to see if there was a mistake or misunderstanding, but there was not. We are simply not eligible. We explained that this is WHY we purchased the Club Wyndham Discovery program, and that if we were not able to stay there, we wanted to cancel our membership.

They stated that all memberships needed to be cancelled within 7 days for a full refund.

Wait. What? The sales representative told us that we had to wait 10-14 days before we'd be able to access our information and book online, yet we had to cancel within 7 days?

Not to mention the resort that we discussed with him is NOT INCLUDED in our plan, and the only way for us to discover that is to attempt to book it? At 10-14 days? When the cancellation policy extends only 7 days after the purchase?

This is clearly a dishonest and unethical practice. We thought Wyndham was an upstanding, forthright company with ethical values, but clearly they are willing to mislead customers simply to get the sale.

We are now having difficulty cancelling this membership and regaining our down payment. I would suggest that anyone interested in purchasing a vacation timeshare AVOID Wyndham!

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Am truly saddened and sorry for the situation you've found yourselves in. Another thread on this same Forum, "Wyndham Timeshares...the good, the bad, and the ugly" has over 700 posts from folks who, in most cases, have had similar experiences with Wyndham's timeshare program.. In most cases folks have found, as you did, that honesty and integrity are not always first priority for Wyndham sales personnel. Too bad you didn't get a chance to see that forum posting before you went to your presentation.

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