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Lomita, CAJoined in Jul. 2008
I was raised as an airline brat, so I traveled a lot from a very young age. This has left me with a strong preference to fly to my destination, then drive the local area. My brain is programmed so that if I am in a moving vehicle for 5 hours, I should be in Washington DC or Hawaii, not Fresno (no disrespect, just a reference!) I have traveled with kids, with friends and alone, basically any way I can get on a trip! I love history, so most of my trips are planned around that theme. I travel very light & don't care much about my lodgings as I spend little time there. Not a food buff and would rather bring home a souvenir than eat a fancy meal. My definition of a great trip is one where I come home exhausted because I've seen so much. I plan my itinerary carefully and estimate what I can pack in & travel time pretty well at this point. Don't get to travel as much as I want, so enjoy reading about everyone else is doing! Anyone needs LA/San Diego advice, I'm here!
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Portland Travel ForumJul. 2017
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