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Manchester, United KingdomJoined in Jan. 2006
I'm a permanently knackered Mancunian dad to twin girls! I currently live and work in Manchester, North of England. Love the city. Loads of great shops, restaurants and bars, good neighbouring towns, only a short drive to the countryside and coast, and of course home to Gods own team Manchester City. As Ian Brown once said the only thing Manchester is missing is a beach! I enjoy visiting new places and try to have as many holidays as I can afford each year. This includes a European beach holiday with my girlfriend (and as of 2012 twin girls), a short city break, or sunny long weekend, with the lads, and a 10 day stay somewhere hot with all the family. Favourite places I've visited are Barcelona, Ayia Napa (not the resort many people believe it is), Lindos on Rhodes, Stalis on Crete, Albufeira Old Town and Dalyan in Turkey. My main tip for anyone travelling somewhere new: Always try the local brew. Its cheaper than imported stuff and always tastes better. Anyone fancy a Mythos?
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