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What you need to know.
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Pike Place Market and 31 more locations8 Nov.
Looking for a quick layover spot to break up a long trip? Short on time but eager to travel? Fear not, we've got you covered. From easy-to-manage long layover destinations to compact cities where most of the top attractions are clustered together, here are a handful of destinations that are perfect for just a 24-hour visit.
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Basecamp Boulder and 54 more locations7 Nov.
Are those sky-high rents, $10 beers, overhyped restaurants, and so-packed-you-can't-move museums of America's great cities starting to bring you down? It might be time to consider a trip (or even a move) to one of these eight overlooked gems, where you'll find equally excellent food scenes, historic sites, and world-class art.
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Japan and 1 more location7 Nov.
Many in the United States, especially those who haven't visited, may not have a good working knowledge of Japan. But, the country has a history that dates back centuries and a culture that is rich and multi-layered. Travelers to Japan can get lost in the country's island culture or in its densely populated metropolitan centers. Japan is more than just the country to the east of China. Here are some surprising facts about the island country.
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Castillo Inn at the Beach and 168 more locationsOct. 2018
Oh, the places you'd go — if you could. While most people have exotic locales on their bucket lists, there are also many places in the United States and abroad that are just as enticing but won't cost your retirement kitty. Here are some ideas for where to take a memorable vacation and still be able to afford your golden years.
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Pointe-a-Callière Museum and 70 more locationsOct. 2018
Canada is often overlooked by travelers, despite being the second-largest country in the world by area. There are many amazing reasons to visit Canada, like the beautiful snow-capped mountains, waterside biking trails, and award-winning restaurants, vineyards, and breweries. If you're planning an upcoming trip, consider this list by MONEY of the 10 best places to visit in Canada.
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Beacon Hill Walking Tour and 19 more locationsOct. 2018
Spooky walking tours are popular around Halloween time, and there are many that retrace the history of infamous true-crime mysteries. There are Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack The Ripper, and the Zodiac Killer tours all over the country.
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The Pink House and 15 more locationsOct. 2018
Buenos Aires, the LGBTQ- and female-friendly city, is one of the best places to visit in South America. The Argentinean city has plenty of draws. It has the oldest metro in South America, and its colorful streets are filled with history and mouthwatering food. Although it's a great city for tourists to explore, sometimes you want to live like a local for a day.
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Edinburgh Castle and 30 more locationsOct. 2018
Whether you live in the UK or are planning your first trip, it can be easy to go back to the same London-centric spots when you're looking for a day out or weekend away. To help you expand your horizons, Instagram data tool Magi Metrics has gathered data from hashtags and geotagged locations on Instagram in order to locate the most popular beauty spots in the UK — London not included.
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Denmark and 1 more locationOct. 2018
Compact, laid-back, and absolutely gorgeous, Copenhagen is one of the most relaxing cities in Europe. All it takes is a quick walk down the cobblestone streets and a bite into a Danish pastry to fall instantly in love. If you want to get to know Copenhagen beyond its canals and colorful buildings, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid making.
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India and 22 more locationsOct. 2018
The world is getting smaller. As flights between cities around the world become more frequent, and more air routes are forged between countries, international tourism continues to rise and rise. According to TravelSupermarket, international travel is set to increase by 35% in the next 10 years alone. These are the 15 cities set to invite the most tourists by 2025, ranked in ascending order by number of projected visitors.
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