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All You Need to Know About the Rooms
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Room review highlights
... cost then this is the place to be but for the love of god book room only and eat out everyday. We will not return here.
... you can change to another hotel. If you cannot ask to go to room only and save your money to eat out at some of the lovely...
... be left in the lobby all day with no-one watching them, no room to put them in, nothing. The guy behind reception said we...
Most popular question about the rooms
How much is the room tax?
The room tax for a 3* hotel is 1,50 EUR per room per day
Featured room amenities
great location - lovely pool good drinks clean and safe rooms would deffo return for a good deal again thank you xx
Hair Dryer
Fridge, hair dryer.
Not recommended for bussinessman who work through internet due to lack of wifi in the rooms and fully loaded system in every...
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Pdescription is “disgusting”

Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and fried eggs, soggy mushrooms, beans, cereal (bland) selection of cakes, stale breads, yoghurt, jam and honey every single day.

You always knew what was going to be in the square egg shaped omelette slices for breakfast by what you ate for your evening meal like the peas and carrots but I have to say I jokingly mentioned to my husband that the one evening there were fries that they may end up in the omelette! This is where I drew the line I’m afraid, they were blended on to the top of the omelette for breakfast (see picture)
For half board you were allowed a hot drink on a morning for breakfast or juice, evening meal you could have water but anything else you had to go outside to the bar.

The staff watched you like hawks, not sure if they thought anyone was going to sneak food out but I really don’t believe anyone would want to! My mum balked every morning at breakfast and we just felt physically sick at the thought of it. The guy with the white beard spent all his time rudely telling people off for walking the wrong way around the food counter and constantly stirring the food.
The chef spent his day sitting around the bar and walking around the grounds with his uniform on.

From all the other reviews I have read I notice the hotel management don’t like the truth and when it comes to the food it seems to be a common response “that all the other guests ate it” so I would like to say to the management before your rude response comes “People have to eat, they have paid to eat weather half board or all inclusive so they have no choice if they don’t have spare money to go out and eat elsewhere!
I have stayed in many 3 star hotels which have been beautiful with amazing food, sadly this is not one of them.

We paid €25 to keep one of rooms on until 6pm as we were not getting picked up until 10pm
We had breakfast and that was it until we got to the airport, ours bands were removed at 12 and I was told we were not entitled to an evening meal because we had the the stale bread, cheese etc on arrival! Don’t know what would have been worst to be honest, having the cold plate on arrival or an evening meal before we left, we were just past it all by that point.

The hotel has much potential with a little revamp and a new chef! The dining area would be closed down by officials in the UK and given a zero rating.
We never complained whilst we were there because there was very little point as the staff just become aggressive which we witnessed with other hotel guests, we just went about our business and went out a lot!

So all in all if you are looking for a clean pool, clean rooms and a short walk to the beach at a reasonable cost then this is the place to be but for the love of god book room only and eat out everyday.
We will not return here.
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Date of stay: August 2019Trip type: Travelled with family
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Having just returned from this hotel all I can say if you have already booked see if you can change to another hotel. If you cannot ask to go to room only and save your money to eat out at some of the lovely restaurants nearby or in kos itself. As previously said the hotel is clean, the staff ignorant, food terrible. Other guests staying whilst I was there who were all inclusive ended up eating out. If you go into kos on the bus it’s €2.20 each way and the sun beds are free.
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Date of stay: September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
I only ever give true reviews and whenever I book a holiday I do look on here but I dont always take notice, but this time I wish I had and I hope you do too.
Good points -
Reception staff, lady with purple hair was very helpful and always said hello and spoke to you, the others don't really bother with you, very rude.
Pool bar girl was lovely, chatty and very helpful
Pool area was lovely, kept clean and tidy, lots of sunbeds available all the time, water was freezing but I think all pools are nowadays.
Bad points -
Restaurant - food is always luke warm or cold, even if you are first there when it just comes out. Same thing every day, penne pasta, spaghetti, tomato sauce (no meat) which i think is for the kids, meatballs or butterbean in sauce, and chicken, some days in a sauce which was bland or plain. Then you have the salad cart which never looked appetising, cucumber and tomatoes were very soggy. soup, was just water with a veg added. vegetables which were over cooked and soggy. afternoon desserts were chocolate mouse with leftover crumbled cake or biscuit from the morning, jelly or water melon. Breakfast was the same every day, scrambled egg, fried egg, omelette little slices, watery mushrooms, boiled egg, 3 different cereal which were tasteless, yoghurt which they put water melon in it and ruin it, water melon, cheese, ham or salad, bland biscuits, tiny piece of madeira cake, rolls.
There was never any other fruit available just water melon which I am sick of now, once we had pancakes, they were bland and rubbery but it made a change. Nothing looked nice, they need to sort the food out otherwise they will keep getting bad reviews. I was very ill for 2 days at the beginning of the holiday. I am a qualified chef and health and safety and I know the food is very dangerous.
NO food for children, not one thing apart from pasta and tomato sauce, put some chips on or nuggets, fish fingers. Get me out there and sort the food problem out!!
Restaurant staff are very rude, never say hello and just walk round watching every thing you do and eat, the man with the white beard (manager i think) is always watching you, and if you go the wrong way round the food cart he shouts at you, he made one girl cry whilst we were there. he is always stirring the food (thats all he does), he never wears an overall or apron. He never smiles and just barks orders at everyone, he is very intimidating.
the chef is always walking round doing nothing, and walks around the gardens and pool area in his chef uniform, no hat, not very good on the hygiene side.
Rooms are very basic and old, they could do with a good spruce, shower is very dirty and dangerous, the water goes everywhere, although there is a curtain it still doesn't keep the water in, i slipped a couple of times on the wet floor. The floor mat was never changed and just hand out to dry. you have to hold the shower whilst you use it.
Towels were never changed whilst we were there and we were there for 10 days.
The fridge never worked properly, it was always warm. I am diabetic and needed it to put my insulin in. wasn't worth telling them as our TV didn't work for 5 days even though we had asked them a few ties to sort it.
Drinks are from 11 - 11, not 1 minute before or after. you can only have ouzo, brandy, lager, wine, coke, lemon, orange or water, tea and coffee. if you want diet coke then you have to pay 2 euros, only 80 cents down the supermarket but they tell you off if you bring your own drinks or food in. I am diabetic and needed diet but i had to pay for it, disgusting.
No ice cream or lollies for kids you have to pay for them.
On your last day check out is 12, you have to be there on the dot and your band is cut off. our flight wasn't until 1am, we were given the choice of a dinner or lunch as we missed that on our first day, no drinks or anything else allowed unless you pay not even water.
Suitcases are to be left in the lobby all day with no-one watching them, no room to put them in, nothing. The guy behind reception said we had to pay 25 euros to keep our suitcases there after 3pm however this was not the case, was he going to keep the money for himself?
The ladder into the pool was broken and as I got on it, it lifted and i fell into the freezing water, the next day though this was fixed.
Bus down the road which takes you into KOS is just 2.10 euros each way so worth going there for dinner.
The hotel itself is a little goldmine and needs to be managed a lot better. If someone modernises it and sorts the food and other problems out then I am sure they will deserve the 3 stars but at the moment the way it is it is in my opinion 1 star.
I would love to sort this hotel out so that more people would return and not write negative reviews
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Date of stay: September 2019
Sleep Quality
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Arrived 4.30 am, checked in and then transferred by car to another hotel as overbooked. Checked in again in the 2nd hotel when we wanted to go to bed. No food,or drink offered. stayed one night and were collected at 11am next morning to be taken to Roseland, losing a complete morning. Given room overlooking the pool which was clean and had lovely views. Beds comfy and slept well when music stopped. However, only bar there is outside, loud until early hours (usually 1 am). Air con extra at 4 euros pd which is a lot. Have travelled worldwide and not been asked to pay for AC before. Safe also available but extra cost - 14 euros, again more than we paid before.
Hotel is remote but fine if you want quiet, away from it holiday. Notmuch to do but bus into Kos town goes hourly at the top of road. There is no beach shuttle bus as was advertised, so beach about 20 min walk.
Food is what most people complained about. It was OK at best, but only lukewarm or cold, Breakfast better than dinner but same daily. Dinner tepid &monotonous. We had half board & were glad as lunch same as dinner. Drinks only wine, beer, ouzo, brandy & soft drinks, only until 11 pm.
Staff Mostly very pleasant and helpful. Grounds kept very well, clean & tidy. Sorry such a long review but wanted to be fair and honest. I couldn’t recommend this hotel due to the the food issues. It could be great with a bit more attention from the kitchen. I realise it is only 3 stars (2 in UK) and catering on a budget, but it shows!
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Date of stay: September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
This hotel has the potential to be very good if it was not offering all inclusive, which unfortunately was the package we chose. Having stayed at many all inclusive hotels, including one earlier this year for which we paid half the price of Roselands I have to say that Roselands was the worst I have ever stayed at.
As an all inclusive guest I felt I was treated as a third rate citizen, ie while those on different tariffs got glasses to drink out of I got a small disposable plastic cup, as did the grown men who wanted a pint. The amount of plastic wast is totally unacceptable the plastic cup's were so flimsy you could not get them refilled so I would get through as last 16 per day. Suggest that the hotel invests polycarbonate ones and washes them up, their argument that you could not have glass round the pool area only seemed to apply to all inclusive, if you paid you were given a glass even right next to the pool.
The hottest food I had was the toast I made myself, every thing else was tepid, tip for the chef find a way of keeping the food hot, the plates warm and stop the old man with out the chefs white or an apron prodding and poking all the food. Provide a scoop of ice cream as an alternative to the repetitive watermelon, and bacon or at least continental bacon at breakfast time, continental bacon was only served twice during the two weeks I was there.
The room was clean but I have never stayed in a hotel before where I was only provided with just a sheet, my husband likes a cool room to sleep in so the air conditioning was on but positioned above the bed and very drafty. The bed was rock hard.
Towel's provided on arrival were white and fluffy but replaced with ones so thin I was scared to use in case they fell into holes. A very unpleasant scene by the pool one day with screeching and shouting as the receptionist berates guest who have taken the room towels outside.
Overall not a happy atmosphere, Angela behind the pool bar is very friendly and helpful and does her best but I fear that she is fighting a loosing battle.
Last but not least there was no receipt for the tourist tax and we had to ask for one for the aircon as the travel agent had told us it was included.
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Date of stay: August 2019
Room Tip: Don't choose a room above reception, music echo loudly until early hours
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Sleep Quality
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC

Questions & answers about the rooms

How much is the room tax?
The room tax for a 3* hotel is 1,50 EUR per room per day
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Hi. Is there a kettle in the room ?
There wasn't in my room .
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Yes there are xxx
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Good morning from Roseland's All inclusive starts 11:00 and finishes at 23:00 as far as the beverages are concerned. Meal hours are:Breakfast 07:30-10:00 Lunch 13:00-14:30 and dinner 19:00-21:00. Tha snacks in between are offered at 11:00-12:30 and 15:00-18:30. Yes, all rooms have hairdryers. In a standard room you get a fridge,TV,safe(charchable 10 EUR per week) and A/C(charchable 3EUR per day per room). Thank you and Best regards
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You would have to contact the hotel I was a guest so I don't have the answer to your question sorry
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