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Middle and South Carter - Bushwhack Details

Includes trail info for Middle & South Carter Summits including a bushwhack route from Imp back to 19 Mile Brook Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.8 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Book time for this hike is 7:10 according to multiple resources but can be done between 5 & 6 hours at a pace of 2mph.

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Tips:  Highly recommended to bring a map & compass along with whatever device you will run everytrail on for tracking/guide usage.

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Points of Interest

1. 19 Mile Brook Trail

Easy parking right off Route 16. Don't forget to bring cash for parking.

Take the 19 mile Brook Trail 1.9 miles to the Carter Dome Trail

2. 1st Bridge Crossing

There are 2 bridges like this to cross

3. 2nd Bridge Crossing

Caution - the narrow board is extremely slippery when wet

4. Stairs

Simply steps hewn from a large section of pine log. Many thanks to all the AMC volunteers who maintain our beloved trails - this is where parking & membership fees go.

5. Carter Dome Trail

Take the Carter Dome Trail 1.9 miles to Zeta Pass/Carter-Moriah Trail.

6. Carter-Moriah Trail

Hang a left onto the Carter-Moriah Trail towards South Carter Mountain 0.8 miles off.

7. Excellent views

Don't forget your camera - a tripod is killer to bring to set up any panorama shots. This was taken on a Droid Bionic in Panorama mode while running the Everytrail Pro app.

8. South Carter Peak

South Carter Peak is pretty evident coming from the south it will be off the left hand side of the trail - just a step up onto a section of rock - there is no sign or post. There are limited views of surrounding peaks from South Carter. Hop back on the Carter-Moriah Trail for another 1.3 to Middle Carter.

9. Middle Carter Peak

The summit for Middle Carter just has a small cairn slightly off the trail but better views that South Carter.
Follow the Carter-Moriah Trail another 0.6 miles to the North Carter Trail.

10. North Carter Trail

Take the North Carter Trail 1.2 miles west to the Imp Trail.

11. Imp Trail

This sign is actually labeled incorrectly. From this junction of North Carter the Imp Trail is bsaically a loop from route 16 and North Carter runs up to the Carter Moriah Trail and the Imp shelter is 2.5 miles from the junction of the North Carter/Carter-Moriah Trail - NOT 2.5 miles from this sign where North Carter Trail and Imp Trail meet.
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12. Bushwhack

About 1.5 miles down the Imp Trail, right around 2,100', head southwest and continue down to Cowboy Brook. You'll be able to hear the water pretty quick. Head straight for it, cross over and at this point if you have a map on you you will see some elevation off to the west. Keep to the east/left of that and make for the 19 Mile Brook Trail. ... More

13. Cowboy Brook

Cowboy Brook crossing has many available easy crossing points from fallen trees to large minimally spaced rocks & boulders. Poles are still handy as the rocks and trees are slippery and demand caution.