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Big Tree Trail Loop

The "Big Tree" is one of the largest and most accessible of the giant coastal redwoods in the area.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.6 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  If you want a quick walk out to one of the closest big trees, then check out "Big Tree"! It's just over a half mile to go around the... more »

Tips:  Please stay off the base of the tree, the soil is compacted from years of visitors going up to touch the trunk.

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Signs

Follow the trail signs for the Big Tree Trail. This section of the trail system links in with a lot of trails, make sure you check the map.

2. The Big Tree

The Big Tree is one of the easiest of the named trees to access. The path is well-maintained and there are several benches to sit on while you check out this massive tree.

3. Fenced Base

The base area of the Big Tree is fenced off to prevent compaction of the soil near the roots. This measure will help prolong the life of the tree, so please respect the signs.

4. Huge Stumps

There are several downed trees that the trail passes through. Take a second to look at the number of rings - these are OLD trees!

5. Old Growth Stands

There are other areas of the loop that have smaller - but still massive - old growth trees. Check them out too!

6. Redwood Snags

The tops of many of the trees have dead branches - these allow for many species of birds to find nesting areas and hunting perches.