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Seattle Shopping Guide

Where to find the best indie boutiques and shops selling one-of-a-kind wares.

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Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  Want to capture the city’s signature indie look?In two up-and-coming neighborhoods, these boutiques will help you tap into Seattle’s... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Ballard

This northwestern Seattle neighborhood is known for its Scandinavian, fishing-village past, but the Salmon Bay community is reinventing itself as an up-and-coming shopping, bar, and restaurant district. Cafes and artisan bakeries fill former mill and factory space, and boutiques catering to pampered pets, design lovers, and urban sophisticates... More

2. Bop Street Records

Vinyl rules at this temple to the LP, EP, 45, and 33. Located in the Salmon Bay neighborhood, this cavernous superstore boasts a collection of 650,000 albums, stored in display bins, shelves, and even boxes, arranged from floor to ceiling. Owner Dave Vorhees can help customers locate rarities or test-drive an album on the shop’s stereo system. The... More

3. Fetch Pet Grocery

Operating in the same spot since 1999, this Madrona pet boutique has built a loyal clientele who return regularly for pup-sitting, grooming, and luxury pet-care products. Although the store is small, its product selection is extensive and includes everything from organic dog and cat food to gourmet treats, even pet bling like... More

Hand-blown glass votives are the only thing for sale at this 5,700-square-foot studio/boutique in the Madrona neighborhood. Founder Lee Rhodes discovered glassblowing as a form of spiritual renewal in 2001, when she was battling a rare form of lung cancer. In 2003, she opened Glassybaby, naming it after the multipurpose vessel she had designed.... More

5. Hitchcock

Located on the neighborhood’s main drag, Hitchcock Madrona demands repeat visits since owners Erica Nelson-Sheehan and Dustin Nelson (who are cousins) change their shop’s design theme quarterly, ensuring it always has a new vibe. The shop maintains a tight focus on women’s jewelry, with many one-of-a-kind pieces from both local and international... More

6. Jaywalk

The tiny spot is crammed with curios—mosaic wall hangings, stone sculptures—that are produced locally by working artists or imaginative moonlighters (e.g. a psychiatrist who knits socks).

1105 34 Ave.
Seattle, Washington
United States

(206) 328-7776

7. Madrona

This quiet community is regarded by its residents as a small town within Seattle. Named after a species of tree common to the area, Madrona’s motto is “The Peaceable Kingdom,” in homage to its ethnically diverse makeup of Caucasian, Chinese, and African Americans. Its location on the edge of Lake Washington provides plenty of terrain for scenic... More

8. Pulp Lab

A combination gallery/shop/"culture incubator," Pulp Lab’s retail outlet is an offshoot of proprietress Kate Pawlicki’s NY-Seattle creative agency. Pulp Lab (the agency) provides insider intel on food, fashion, music, tech, film and advertising trends, and brokers cross-label product collaborations. Pulp Lab (the shop) has evolved from a pop-up... More

9. Souvenir

This curiosity shop is the brainchild of artist Curtis Steiner, whose 1,000 Blocks project (a thousand painted wooden blocks that can be arranged to form different patterns) is in the Seattle Art Museum’s permanent collection. The store is almost like an art project: Steiner’s handmade greeting cards line the entire back wall; found objects,... More

10. Velouria

This Salmon Bay boutique carries womenswear, jewelry, and accessories from independent designers (mostly local) and caters mostly to flirty, pixie-ish tastes. Owner Tes de Luna curates a seasonally rotating collection that exemplifies the hipster, vintage-meets-post-Millennial aesthetic. Noir-ish feather-and-crystal hair accessories from Pluma... More