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Ice Age Trail: Monches

Follow the Ice Age Trail through a beautiful hardwood forest, along the clear Oconomowoc River and over a bubbling brook
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Ice Age Trail travels through the hardwoods of the Carl Schurz forest, along the clear Oconomowoc River, and over a brook bubbling... more »

Tips:  Water

There is no on-trail water.


Parking is available at either trailhead.


There is no on-trail camping.

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Points of Interest

1. Monches Trailhead

The Monches Segment start at the intersections of CTH-K and CTH-Q in Monches, WI. The trail enters the Carl Schurz Wood just west of the intersection, marked by a bench and large sign memorializing Carl Schurz and heads south.

On the opposite side of the intersection, the trail continues north on the Ice Age Trail:Loew Lake segment.

Parking is... More

2. Trails Junction

Many side trails branch off in this area. The Ice Age Trail:Monches segment heads to the left to join the Oconomowoc River.

3. Oconomowoc River

The trail intersects the Oconomowoc River and follow it south. The trail does not cross the river here.

4. Bridge

An elaborate bridge and boardwalk system takes you across the Oconomowoc River.

5. Scenic brook

A bench overlooks a small bridge which crosses a small brook flowing over tumbled rocks and boulders.

6. Funk Road

The Ice Age Trail:Monches segments ends at Funk Road.

The trail continues east on Funk Road on the Ice Age Trail:Merton segment.

Across Funk Road, a short spur trail leads to the Monches/Merton trailhead.

7. Monches/Merton Trailhead Spur Trail

A short spur trail leads to the Monches trailhead, where you will find a small gravel parking lot off Funk Road.

8. Merton Segment

The Merton Segment leaves Funk Road and enters the woods.

9. Monches/Merton Trailhead

A small gravel parking area on the south side of Funk road makes up the Monches Trailhead. A short spur trail on the east side of the lot leads to the meeting of the Monches and Merton segments.

10. Monches/Loew Lake Parking

An improved, off road, gravel parking area just east of the Monches and Loew Lake trailheads.

11. Ice Age Trail: Loew Lake

The Loew Lake segment of the Ice Age Trail connects to the Monches segment and heads north.