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Community Solar System Trail - Boston Museum of Science

Use this guide to find all the planets in the Community Solar System Trail, an accurate scale model of our solar system.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 41.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The museum of science has distributed scale models of our solar systems planets throughout the greater Boston area. Great care has... more »

Tips:  Refer to each POI for parking suggestions at each of the planet locations.

Print out the PDF about the tour attached as a link to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sun, Mercury & Venus

The sun is located in the planetarium lobby in the Museum of Science. It is 400 million times smaller than the actual sun. Mercury is in the front plaza of the museum and Venus is on the garage roof near the Gilliland Observatory. When you are done exploring the museum head off to find Mars!

2. Mars

You'll find this planet model on the second floor balcony of the Cambridgeside Galleria. Parking is available in the galleria garage.

3. Earth

Without moving your car at the Galleria walk across the street to the Royal Sonesta Hotel. You will find your home planet on the left side of the courtyard on a brick walkway.

4. Jupiter

Jupiter is at South Station. Parking is available at the bus station next to south station. Jupiter can be found in the Grand Concourse near the Food Court.

5. Uranus

Uranus can be found in the Jamaica Plain Public Library which is part of the Boston Public Library System. Parking can be found on south street. The planet can be found near the periodicals. This was another planet we didn't make it to because the library was closed when we got there.

Monday - Wednesday 10-6pm, Thursday 12-8pm, Friday 9-5pm, ... More

6. Neptune

At the Square One Mall in Saugus off of Route 1 South. The planet is located in the food court and there is plenty of parking at the mall. Unfortunately I didn't make it to this one to get a photo.

7. Pluto

At Riverside Station (the Green Line). Take exit 22a off of Rte. 128 from Boston. Pluto is on the train platform. Congrats! You've made it to all the planets!