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Steel Bender 4x4 Trail

A great 4-wheel-drive trail with and serious challenges and lots of beauty

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 17.6 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  A very scenic trail that begins and ends in Mill Creek Canyon. In between, you meander up and down rocky benches along canyon drainage... more »

Tips:  One of our favorite trails to do during the Moab Jeep Safari. We had more than 80 vehicles signed up so it ended up taking a long time... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

To run trail from north to south as they do during the Easter Jeep Safari, start here.

2. Descend Switchbacks

Trail drops downhill to valley floor. This section can be impassable if wet due to clay surface that gets extremely greasy. Wait for road to dry out before starting down.

3. Narrow Canyon

Trail enters trees through narrower MIll Creek Canyon, where you'll cross creek several times.

4. Depart from Main Trail

Stay left at 3-way fork to follow route driven during the Easter Jeep Safari. This way adds a loop with many fun obstacles. Right is the main route followed by mountain bikers heading for Flat Pass.

5. The Wall

Stay left at a major fork to go up The Wall. (Right is bypass.) The Wall looks scarey, but if you stay straight going up, i's not as bad as you think. During the Safari, spotters make sure you stay on the correct line.

6. Side Trip

During the Easter Jeep Safari, we took a side trip to the left here. We went down one slickrock fin, then turned around and came back in valley between fins. It was a great lunch spot for so many vehicles. After side trip, return to this spot and continue north. You'll soon come to a major "T" intersection, where you'll turn right.

7. Important Left Turn

After circling around across some scenic countryside, you'll make a hard left turn and head south. If you miss this turn and go north, you'll return to the loop and just go around in a big circle.

8. Return to Main Trail

Turn left back onto the main trail you left at Point #4. You'll cross a cattle guard before reaching a giant dropoff we call "The Fall." This is a dangerous spot. Stack rocks if necessary and have a good spotter. A forward rollover here could send you over a cliff on the right. The trail gets more challenging as you encounter many more ledges that... More

9. Driver's Choice

The main trail, also called Flat Pass Road, goes right here. The Safari route is a difficult shortcut straight ahead. It drops down into a valley with a challenging obstacle and rejoins the main trail in less than a half mile.

10. Witches Step

Turn left to go down difficult "Witches Step." Bypass goes right and circles back to left.

11. Creek Crossing

After descending series of ledges across mostly slickrock, you cross Mill Creek again. Bear right after climbing steep bank on other side.

12. Major Intersection.

Bear left uphill at major intersection. Straight soon dead ends. Trail becomes easy gravel road as it heads south and climbs over Flat Pass.

13. Kens Lake to Right

Right here goes to camping area at Kens Lake. Continue straight downhill to return to Moab. You soon turn right and head north on paved Spanish Valley Drive. You can follow this road all the way into Moab, or turn left on Old Airport Road to connect with Highway 191. Moab is north.