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Civil War Era Home Ruins Loop - Leesylvania State Park

small civil war fort, cannons, and home ruins!
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.1 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  A small civil war fort and era homes with lineage to the famous Robert E Lee!

This fort participated in the civil war, getting shots ... more »


  • have lunch in the picnic area or take a packed lunch to have on the one of two benches with water views
  • try a longer trail along the railroad line
  • cold drink vending machine by bathrooms

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Points of Interest

1. trailhead

trailhead has a large map, this is a short 2 mile hike.

there ARE deers in the area (saw one and it ran away quickly)

do this one counterclockwise, take the amphitheatre steps to start the loop

2. amphitheatre and ruins

this is an amphitheater for various presentations of the area, and remains of an old building where the "hunt club" met.

3. cannons and fort!

this small fort has 2 cannon emplacements, a 32 inch gun, and did participate int he civil war!

this cannon emplacement did engage a ship passing by which can be read on the interpretive sign.

also a great water view!

4. bench at the water

great view here, good lunch spot also

5. flat trails

flat trails here! pretty easy going

6. bench with water view

another bench with water view, another lunch spot!

view of a water railroad crossing which you will see later on crossing in your path

7. flat trails!

nice flat trails here, very easygoing

8. Henry Lee family cemetary

this is the Henry Lee (father of famous Robert E Lee) cemetary and his family.

the headstones were removed for protection, but a gate remains.

9. view of the old railroad line

the railroad line runs right through this canyon!

the trail continues up along the railroad line ridge for quite a ways, however the track for this loop turns back to explore more ruins

10. steps going up to home site

steps continuing up to homes sites

11. Henry Lee home site

this is the location of the Henry Lee homesite as indicated on signs, the rail line going through here destroyed the last of the foundation.

12. old well location

this is an old well location

13. flat trail watch for deers

flat trail here, watch for deers along the road!

seen one here today :-)

14. another old well with ruins

this is the ruins of an old well close to the fairfax home ruins

small brick well

15. fairfax home ruins

this is the fairfax home ruins, containing what looks like 2 buildings in close proximity.

the chimney is still standing, and the uncut patch of grass is a second part of the foundation.