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Great Allegheny Passage section #3

Starting in Rockwood, PA, this section of the GAP ends in Cumberland, MD where it connects with the C & O Canal Towpath.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 44 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Great Allegheny Passage is often called the GAP, and it's an incredible path all by itself. When combined with the C & O Canal... more »

Tips:  - The trail can be used year-round, but it is a spectacular treat in the fall with a kaleidoscope of autumn foliage awaiting you... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Rockwood

For those beginning their journey in Rockwood or just making a stopover, this Pennsylvania town offers lodging, dining, and other trail services. It is considered one of the major trailheads with parking and restrooms, also.
Horseback riders will be glad to find out that from Rockwood to Garrett, there is an equestrian path that runs beside the... More

You will find a campground and guesthouse just 400 yards away from the Rockwood Trailhead of the GAP.

3. Garrett

Some amenities in Garrett include the Garrett House Bed & Breakfast (814-634-7072), Country Nook Cafe, Snack Store, and South Side Express at Citgo gas station.

4. Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

Meyersdale has numerous accommodations available a short distance from the trail, but what the town is most famous for is the GI Day Room Coffee Shop. It is near the trail, treats trail-users like royalty, and is reminiscent of diners from days gone by.
The Levi Deal Mansion Bed & Breakfast is one of the lodging options near the trail. (814... More

5. The Bollman Bridge

This is a rare iron railroad bridge designed and built by Wendel Bollman in 1871.

6. Warren's Mill

As you begin to gain elevation, you will notice fall colors earlier in this area than on other parts of the trail. This is a splendid area for viewing autumn's technicolor beauty.

7. Deal trailhead

Many people use this trailhead to start their fairly short journey up to the Eastern Continental Divide.

8. Eastern Continental Divide

Congratulations!! You have reached the highest spot on the trail (2392'). From here, you will enjoy spectacular views (especially in the fall), a nice tunnel, helpful trail information, and (usually) plenty of companionship.

9. Big Savage Tunnel

This tunnel through Big Savage Mountain allowed the Western Maryland Railroad to shorten their route between Connellsville, PA and Cumberland, MD thus enabling them to compete with the current B & O Railroad.
Now it's just plain fun to ride a bike or hike through.

10. Mason Dixon Line

What started as a border dispute between British colonies in America is now a famous geographic landmark that forms the borders of four states and is also considered the boundary between the northeast states and the southern states.

11. Borden Mill tunnel

Finished in 1911, the Borden Tunnel was 957 feet long and used by the Western Maryland Railroad to haul, among other freight items, coal and clay.

12. Frostburg

You've got to love any town that dubs itself "Trail Town." You've also got to love Frostburg because of all the amenities available to trail users. You will find ample hotels, campgrounds, laundromats, restaurants, & stores here.
If you are heading east, you will also notice a change in the trail here. Instead of running on the grade of an... More

13. Brush Tunnel

You may actually get to share this tunnel with a puffing locomotive.

14. Cumberland Bone Cave

This cave was discovered in 1912 when workers were excavating the railroad line. The bones of several different types of animals, including many extinct ones, were found within the cavern. It is located right beside the trail and is covered by a metal fence.
Some of the remains from this cave are found in Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C.

You will find all of your needs met in Cumberland. It is home to a variety of overnight accommodations, restaurants, stores, and bike shops. If you are starting your journey here, you will have no trouble obtaining bike rentals. If you are joining the C & O Trail to forge onward to Georgetown and D.C., this is a great spot to get your bike... More

16. rails beside trails

You will enjoy smooth stretches of asphalt and accompanying railroad tracks throughout this portion of the trail.