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Rogue River Wild and Scenic Section

This is one of the best rafting trips in the lower 48 States
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 34.3 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is the official "Wild & Scenic" portion of the Rogue River between Grave Creek and Foster Bar. It has a bunch of Class II... more »

Tips:  To reach the Grave Creek put-in you need to take exit 61 off I-5 and head west towards Galice. You will see signs. You'll need a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Grave Creek Put in

There will most likely be a lot of people putting in here, especially during the permit season. Be polite and wait your turn.

2. Heading Down the Rogue

Right from the start of the section you'll be greeted to some fun Class II and III rapids before having to pull out and scout Rainee Falls just ahead.

3. Rainee Falls

This is a Class V rapid and can be pretty dangerous so make sure to pull out to your left and walk down the beaten path to scout it out properly. Make sure there are experienced boaters with you and that there are throw bags available in case floaters flip (see photos).

4. Billings Rogue River Ranch

Although you will be setting up tents on the sandy campground near the river make sure to climb up the hill, walk across the grassy field and take a tour of the historic homestead. The houses will be open and you'll be able to wander through them and absorb the history of the area.

5. Mule Creek Canyon & Coffee Pot Rapids

This canyon is amazing but it also has some descent Class IV rapids. If you are not careful, you may end up floating the whole canyon in the water (not fun) so make sure you are ready for them.

6. Towering Spires Above You

Look up as you pass through Mule Creek Canyon and you'll see some amazing geology all around you.

7. Entrance and Scouting of Blossum Bar Rapids

When we went we saw this really cool cormorant on a rock just above Blossum Bar Rapids drying its wings but looking as if it was saying "Thou shall not pass" so make sure you pull out here and scout your line through Blossum Bar rapids. Simply climb up the rocks on the right side of the river.

8. Blossum Bar Rapids

Make sure to pull out above these rapids and scout our your line.

9. Cliff Jumping Anyone?

A great place to climb some rock cliffs on the side of the river and jump into the deeper water below. Make sure it is deep enough before you jump!

10. Foster Bar Takeout

Where you take out! Don't pass it or you'll be floating (a lot slower) to the ocean.

11. Rapids

Some Class III rapids coming up. Have fun!

12. Rapids ahead

Head's up - Some more Class III rapids!

13. Leisurely Floating

A slow section where you can relax, take a dip, etc. Or create a "raftzilla" like we did by tying together rafts.

14. Nearing the End

You are nearing the end. Jump out of the raft and have some fun in the leisurely rapids.