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Santiam Wagon Road to House Rock

Beautiful hike along an old wagon road on the Santiam River includes a giant rock, a cave, a waterfall, and a campground
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Santiam Wagon Road is a historic cattle road which goes from Sisters, Oregon to Albany, Oregon. This hike to House Rock is... more »

Tips:  To get here from Sweet Home travel east on Highway 20 for 23.4 miles. Just after passing an old restaurant (on the left)you will find ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead

From Sweet Home travel east on Highway 20 for 23.4 miles. Just past a giant red building you will find the parking area on the south side of the highway. Be careful not to go too fast as it's easy to miss.

2. Mossy Trees

The trail is easy and follows the old wagon road through a forest of mossy trees. Many times you can see the Santiam River flowing to the north.

This trail can get very muddy when it has been raining so be prepared.

3. Creek

In the summer this creek is easy to cross. When it has been raining it is difficult to cross and not get your feet wet, especially for kids, as there is no bridge.

4. Trail to House Rock

Turn left here to go down to House Rock, the cave, and House Rock falls.

There is a nice sign (pictured) here detailing the history of wagon trains in the area.

5. House Rock

This giant boulder is literally the size of a two story house. There is a cave underneath.

6. Bridge to Campground

The bridge to the House Rock Campground is currently gone, but it will be rebuilt in the future. For more information, contact the Sweet Home Ranger District at (541)367-5168

EDIT: As of May 2011 this bridge is still missing.

7. House Rock Cave

It's a bit unnerving to stand beneath the giant House Rock inside of this shallow cave. Fun for kids to run around inside.

There is a small creek that runs through the cave when it's raining.

8. House Rock Campground

SEASON: May thru October
day use and overnight stay -- 14 day limit

# OF SITES: 17 Sites: 5 tent ONLY sites; 12 tent, auto, no RV sites (turn around access is too limited)

ACCESSIBLE FACILITIES: restroom, compacted rock access routes, day use area

Site Fee: $12
Extra Vehicle Fee: $5

9. Trail Washout

In May 2011 I was on the trail and found it partially washed out. If you are on the trail with kids and want to see the waterfall you should go take the Wagon Road to avoid the washout.

10. Trail to Waterfall

Turn left here to walk down to House Rock Falls. Turn right to return to the Santiam Wagon Road.

11. House Rock Falls

This waterfall is a nice place to stop for a picnic. In the summer you can swim in the river below the falls.

12. Return Trail

Turn right here, on the Santiam Wagon Road, to return to the trailhead. Turn left to continue on the Santiam Wagon Road and turn on road 2044 to get to the House Rock Campground (the only way to get to the campground on the trail until they replace the bridge).