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Francois Peron National Park, Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Desert on the edge of the sea

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 3.915 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  François Péron National Park lies 10km from Denham, 340km from Carnarvon and 430km from Geraldton and approximately 800km from Perth. ... more »

Tips:  The park is accessed from the Monkey Mia Road, about 4km east of Denham. Péron Heritage Precinct is usually accessible to two-wheel... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Peron Heritage Precinct

The Peron Heritage Precinct provides an insight into how life was when the park was a working sheep station. The self guided ‘Pepper trail’ explores the history of the area, visiting the shearing shed, shearer’s quarters and stock yards. Signs explain the station’s interesting history along the way.

A small interpretive centre depicts stories of... More

2. Artesian 'hot tub'

Within the Péron Heritage Precinct you will find the artesian hot tub, a popular spot to relax and soak in hot artesian waters that originally supplied vital water to the station’s stock. A barbecue and lawns are provided for picnicking.

Artesian groundwater exists in the sandstone below an impenetrable layer of shale. The artesian bore for Peron... More

3. Big Lagoon

An important fish nursery, Big Lagoon's northern waters are a sanctuary zone within the Shark Bay Marine Park, where fishing is prohibited. Exploring this attractive turquoise lagoon by canoe or sea-kayak is a great way to get up close and personal to this natural gem. For another perspective take a scenic flight and the lagoon's true grandeur... More

4. South Gregories

South Gregories is an attractive camping area that offers easy access for launching dinghies and trying a spot of fishing. Facilities are basic with only toilets and gas BBQs provided; therefore campers will need to be self reliant. There is no drinking water so ensure you bring enough for your stay.

Fishing is popular and whiting, bream and... More

5. Gregories

Gregories is a beautiful beachside campground with basic facilities (toilets and gas barbecues). You are able to launch dinghies from the beach but take care. Campers will need to be self reliant. There is no drinking water so ensure you bring enough for your stay.

A rock shelf parallel to the coast at Gregories is an excellent spot to snorkel... More

6. Bottle Bay

This popular campground alongside the beach has access for launching dinghies. Facilities are basic with only toilets and gas barbecues provided and therefore campers will need to be self reliant. There is no drinking water so ensure you bring enough for your stay.

Take a walk along the beach and marvel at the rich red cliffs contrasting with... More

7. Cape Péron

At the northerly tip of the national park is Cape Péron. Sitting at the confluence of two major currents, the cape attracts an impressive array of marine life.

However, this location is perhaps best known for its wonderful contrasts of white beach, red cliffs and blue waters. There is interpretive signage, a picnic area with tables, toilets and ... More

8. Skipjack Point

At Skipjack Point you can view an impressive array of marine wildlife from two spectacularly located viewing platforms, perched on the cliff edge with views out across the Shark Bay Marine Park.

Linking Cape Peron with Skipjack Point is the Wanamalu Trail stretching for 1.5 kilometres along the cliff edge overlooking the surrounding waters.... More

9. Herald Bight

In the late 1880s, Herald Bight was an old pearling camp and old pearlshells can still be seen in the area.

The only camp site on the eastern side of the national park, Herald Bight offers some protection from the prevailing south-westerly winds.

The informal campsite has a toilet and small boats can be launched from the beach for access to the ... More

10. Cattle Well

This attractive sandy bay is a fascinating place for beachwalkers. It is also a great place to fish from the shore. No camping is permitted.