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South End of Lake George Tour

This Guide will take you to some of the key tourist attractions at the south end of Lake George, NY
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  I grew up in Lake George and I would like to share with you my suggestion of a nice afternoon at the south end of the lake if you are ... more »

Tips:  To get to the south end of the lake take exit 20 or 21 and follow Route 9 north. At the south end of downtown take a right onto beach... more »

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Points of Interest

This Fort was constructed in 1755 during the French and Indian War. It is worth the admission price to go inside and check out the artifacts. For more information please see the links in this guide.

2. Shops

You'll be able to find all the souvenirs you will ever want within this row of shops, including food if you are hungry. If you look back towards the parking area you will also see carraige rides offered in the summer months. They will take you for a loop around the south end of the lake up Brooke Road and north on Canada Street back to Beach... More

3. Echos

In this newly constructed area you can stand in the middle of the circle and when you talk your voice will echo off the surround rock walls. You'll also have great views out over the lake as it is elevated above the surrounding area.

4. Waterfront Walk

Along the walk look for fish in the cement describing the species you may be able to catch in the lake. Also, note the bars in the area, especially the ones on Christies Lane. Some of the best bars in town can be found in this area including Christies, King Neptunes, and Shepards Cove. They are all on the waterfront and most of them offer deck ... More

5. Shepard Cove Park & Beach

Here is the park in the center of town and the associated beach. It is free to the public. If you don't feel like swimming at least walk out on the dock for some views. At this point you can continue to walk down the waterfront path but it ends just after the public beach. Instead, turn around and head back towards the steamboats staying on... More

If you are visiting Lake Goerge on vacation is definitely worth your while to take a short cruise up the lake on one of the Steamboats. I actually had my high school prom on the Lac Du St. Sacremente. They offer short crusises as well as dinner cruises. For more information please see the links in this guide.

7. Enter Battlefield Park

Cross the road at the cross walk here and enter Battlefield Park. If you are in for some more beach relaxing you can keep walking down the path towards the Million Dollar Beach which charges a fee to enter but as a local who grew up in this area I would avoid this beach as it becomes packed in the summer... unless you are used to miami-like... More

8. Warren County Bikeway

Here you will cross the Warren County Bikeway. Battlefield Park is the northernmost extent of this amazing bikeway that runs 17 miles to Fort Edward in the South. The best part of this bikeway is in the Lake George area so if you have time and can rent a bike I highly suggest getting some great exercise on this well-maintained paved path.

9. Father Isaac Jogues Monument

See a monument of the first man to view Lake George. For more information please see the guide links. You will see trails continuing south from this monument. The trails continue across Fort George Park Road into the woods on the other side where you can find more historical monuments. If you have time to explore this area I would suggest... More

10. Across the Park

Head straight across the park. Remember that you are walking across ground that held many historic battles where hundreds and hundreds of soldiers were killed.

11. Back to the car

From here make your way safely across West Brook Road to the sidewalk opposite the lake to find your way back to the parking lot. You'll pass an ice cream shop on the way if you are in for a treat.