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Warren Dunes Beach

Forested dunes give way to open sandy beaches and miles of coastline to explore.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 3.6 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  Warren Dunes State Park covers a large expanse of forested sand dunes, as well as several miles of Lake Michigan coastline. It's an... more »

Tips:  In the early spring, watch out for hidden pockets of snow buried in the dunes. Winter snowdrifts can easily be swallowed up by... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Open Coast

The park road allows you to drive right to the open coast. In summer, this area is packed with people, so plan on hiking out a ways for some peace.

2. Blowout #1

Blowouts occur when the wind erodes the sand from beneath the trees, allowing the dune to collapse and the sand be blown inland.

3. Blowout #2

This large blowout is an interesting way to reach the top of the dunes, and fun to run/slide back down!

4. Cottonwoods

These small cottonwoods are a hardy tree. They are among the first to colonize the dunes and their decaying leaves provide nutrients to the successive waves of plants that follow.

5. Beach Scarps

Along the beach, watch for erosion scarps in the sand. These small cliffs are carved by the small summer waves working to move sand into small sandbars offshore. In the winter, the storms build up large berms of sand onshore, often freezing in place with spray from crashing waves.

6. Quiet Beach

Away from the families and activity of the parking lot area, the ends of the park beach are great spots to relax and listen to the waves.