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Winter Park Mountain Bike Resort - without using the lift

This is the only way to get to the top of the resort by the trails listed, other than taking the lift or the jeep roads.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 11.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Winter Park Resort is located over 60 miles away from Denver. To get there, take I-70 west for about 29 miles to exit 232, Empire... more »

Tips:  Grab a trail map at the Winter Park base. This will prove to be very helpful as there are many trails that intersect with each other. ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. start

Start this ride at the Village Cabriolet lift, the section closest to the mountain (not the Vintage Hotel). You can park your car across the street from the lift.

As you are facing the mountain, there is a dirt road on the left leading up the mountain. Take this dirt road.

2. 0.6 miles

Keep on climbing up the jeep road. This jeep road is the Icarus trail. At 0.6 miles, continue following the signs for the Icarus trail.

3. 0.7 miles

Here you will come to the intersection with the Jackalope trail. For the description of this ride, take the Jackalope trail. This is a narrow technical singletrack with some steep uphill sections.

As an alternative, you can continue on the Icarus trail. The Jackalope trail dumps back out onto the Icarus trail in about 1 mile (see POI #4).

4. 1.7 miles

The Jackalope trail dumps you back out onto the Icarus trail. Cross this parking lot (faint singletrack trail connecting the two parking lots) into the next parking lot. Cross this parking lot toward the mountain where you will see the Icarus trail continue as a steep uphill jeep road.

5. 1.8 miles

This is the continuation of the Icarus trail, the steep jeep road at the end of the second parking lot (see POI #4).

6. 2.9 miles

Follow the sign for the Icarus trail. You will also see the bottom of the Panoramic Express lift. This is where the Icarus trail transitions from jeep road to singletrack.

7. 4.2 miles

You will see this abandoned lift and sign as the trail dumps you back out onto jeep road again. Go right onto the jeep road. This is the continuation of the Icarus trail. Continue climbing to the top.

8. 4.8 miles

Congratulations, you have made it to the top of the climb. You will see the Superguage lift and High Lonesome lift as well as a ski patrol lodge. Take a rest here if you need one.

When you are ready to continue, follow the jeep road downhill as you pass the Summit Express lift. Don't go too fast because in 0.5 miles you will be taking a... More

9. 5.3 miles

Sign for the Icarus trail to the Upper Roof of the Rockies trail. Don't miss this singletrack.

10. 5.4 miles

The trail splits left (uphill) and right (downhill). For this ride, go right (downhill) on the Upper Roof of the Rockies trail. Enjoy the singletrack down. You earned it.

11. 6.4 miles

Intersection with the Lower Roof of the Rockies trail. Go right onto the Lower Roof of the Rockies trail.

12. 7.1 miles

Intersection with the Shy Ann trail. Continue on the Shy Ann trail. Are you enjoying the singletrack downhill?

13. 7.2 miles

Continue following the signs for the Shy Ann trail. There are numerous trail intersections, but most are well marked with signs. I would avoid any of the black rated trails; who knows what kind of cliff/ramp you will find.

14. 8.6 miles

Intersection of the Shy Ann trail with Pipecut and Long trails. Cross the jeep road to the left and continue on the Long trail. Follow the signs, it is very well marked.

15. 8.7 miles

The Long trail and Rainmaker trail are right next to each other. Take the left, uppermost trail. This is the Long trail. Once again, the trails are obviously marked.

16. 9.2 miles

The Rainmaker trail almost rejoins the Long trail. Make sure you stay on the Long trail, which is on the left and more uphill at this section.

17. 9.4 miles

Intersection of the Lower Long trail with No Quarter trail. Follow the sign for the Long trail.

18. 9.6 miles

You will cross under a neat looking bridge (part of the No Quarter trail). Aren't you glad you didn't take the No Quarter trail?

19. 10 miles

Trail intersection with Upper Cherokee trail. Continue following the sign for the Long trail.

20. 10.3 miles

Continue following signs for the Long trail. You are nearing the end of the fun downhill and the end of the ride.

21. 10.4 miles

Once again, keep on following the signs for the Long trail.

22. 10.5 miles

Intersection of the Long trail with Green World trail. Cross the jeep road and continue on the Green World trail. Don't be fooled by the green rating; there is still more fun singletrack to be ridden.

23. Green World

The Green World singletrack dumps you out onto a jeep road near the railroad tracks. Turn right and follow this jeep road back to the Winter Park base and the Village Cabriolet lift. Total miles about 11.9 miles.