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Chimney Gulch/Lookout Mountain Trail

Mountain bike trail near Golden, Colorado
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 9.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Directions: Take 6th Ave West from Denver to Golden for about 12 miles. About ¼ mile before the 6th Ave/Route 58/Route 93... more »

Tips:  Be careful at the two crossings of Lookout Mountain Road. There is vehicle traffic as well as bicycle traffic.

This trail is part of ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead Parking lot

This is more of a turnout/large shoulder than an actual parking lot. It is located near Golden, CO just south of the route 6/route 58/route 93 intersection.

2. 0.2 miles

Follow the single track from the parking lot to this drainage that you will have to cross over. The intrepid can try and ride this, but as for me, I get off my bike and walk over it. Much kinder to the body.

3. 0.8 miles

Try to make it up all of the switchbacks to this point. Yes it really is someone's driveway, but this is the correct way to go. Turn left on the driveway, enjoy the view over the Colorado School of Mines' football field and then continue on the singletrack that will be on your right.

4. 0.85 miles

Turn right onto the singletrack. The climb starts to level off and you will soon be at the intersection with Lookout Mountain Road.

5. 1 mile

This is the first of two crossings of Lookout Mountain Road. Be very careful and watch for motor vehicles as well as road cyclists coming up and down the road. This road has a fair amount of traffic.

The Chimney Gulch Trail Continues on the other side of the road. Follow the sign.

6. 2.5 miles

Enjoy the singletrack up to this point, the second crossing of Lookout Mountain Road. Once again, be very careful crossing the road. Remember what your mother always told you, look both ways before crossing.

At the parking lot, the trail continues on near the Windy Saddle sign. Before continuing on, enjoy the view over Clear Creek Canyon.

7. 2.7 miles

Go left at this junction, following the sign for the Lookout Mountain trail. Don't go to the Beaver Brook trail (hiking only).

8. 2.9 miles

There is an overlook just to the left of the trail. This is a good place to catch your breath and enjoy the views.

9. 3.2 miles

This is the intersection with the Buffalo Bill trail, hiking only.

10. 3.5 miles

This is the top of the Lookout Mountain trail. Congratulations, you have completed most of the climb.

The Lookout Mountain Preserve is across the street. This is a great place for kids to learn about nature.

Go across the street (Colorow Road) and continue on the Lookout Mountain trail. This singletrack is just to the right of the entrance to... More

11. 4.6 miles

This is the end of the Lookout Mountain trail. You could actually cross the road (Lookout Mountain Road) and catch the top of the Apex trail. But for this ride, this is the turnaround point. Go back the way that you came. Enjoy the singletrack descent back down to the car. You deserve it after the climb you just did.

At POI #12, you have a... More

12. 8.9 miles

If you want a little more singletrack, go straight and follow the trail back down to 6th Avenue/parking lot. Or you can go right here and head back to your car following the singletrack that you have already done.

13. 9 miles

Continue following the trail signs back down toward 6th Avenue. When you hit the shoulder next to 6th Avenue, turn right and follow the shoulder back to the parking lot.