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Centennial Cone - Early Season

Mountain bike ride near Golden, CO
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 19.4 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a description of the Centennial Cone trails minus the Elk Range trail (it is closed from Winter to mid June due to elk calving... more »

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Points of Interest

1. North parking lot off of Golden Gate Canyon Road

2. Travois and Elk Range Trail intersection

During the early season (before mid-June), the Elk Range trail is closed due to the elk. You must go left onto the Travois Trail.

3. Bridge crossing

Continue on the singletrack, crossing the bridge.

4. Evening Sun Loop and Travois Trail intersection

In about 0.5 miles from the start, you will come to this intersection. Evening Sun Loop goes to the right, Travois trail to the left. You can go either way, and both are about the same length (0.6-0.7 miles) and about the same type of terrain.

5. Trails reconnect

Evening Sun Loop trail reconnects to the Travois trail. The trail continues on as the Travois trail.

6. Bridge Crossing

Descend down to this bridge crossing. Get ready for some good uphill climbing after you continue across the bridge.

7. Intersection with the Mayhem Gulch Trail

About 8.5 miles from the start, you will come to this point. On your left is the intersection with the Mayhem Gulch Trail.

8. Intersection with the Juniper Trail

You are about 8.6 miles from the start. On your left is the intersection with the Juniper Trail. The Juniper Trail and the Mayhem Gulch Trail connect with each other to make a 1.6 mile loop that you can add on to the ride.

9. Intersection with the Elk Range Trail

You are about 8.9 miles from the start. The Travois Trail T's into the Elk Range Trail. The Elk Range Trail is a jeep road/double track trail that will lead you back to the north parking lot. The Elk Range Trail is usually closed until mid June due to the elk. The gate will be closed and you are not permitted to use the trail. You will have to... More