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Beaver Creek Loop

Wonderful Wilderness Close to Home
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.27 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  The Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area covers 40,000 acres of uninhabited, road-free wild country. According to the Central Colorado... more »

Tips:  Bring Water! During the summer temperatures can reach into the 90s. You'll use a lot of water hiking this route.

If you bring a dog, ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead

The trailhead provides you with an outstanding preview of your hike. From the parking lot you can see the top of the ridge you’ll climb and hints of the two canyons that will take you to and from this ascent. Three information boards mark the beginning of the trail. Walk through the gate and down the dual track road into Banta Gulch. Veer to the... More

2. Creek Diversion

At this point you can leave the main trail for about 400 yards and visit Beaver Creek for the first time. This takes you to a quite, sheltered place along the creek. Past this point the trail is alternately rough and well groomed, up to the loop start point.

3. Loop Start

You can go either way at this point. I recommend turning right onto Trail Gulch Trail (redundant, I know; but I’m just the reporter). From here, the trail runs along a dry creek bed, crossing it many times on the way up its length. You’ll climb about 400 ft to the junction of this trail and Powerline Trail. The creek may seem dry, but as you... More

4. Powerline Trail

Trail Gulch continues north to Rosemont Reservoir on Gold Camp Rd. To complete Beaver Creek Loop though, you’ll need to turn north on Powerline Trail. From here you’ll climb – about 1000 ft over the next mile. While tempted to keep your eyes down on the path in front of you, make the effort to lift them up to take in the new vistas that each cut... More

5. Descent

Now in the western edge of the ridge, you’ll begin your descent into the Beaver Creek canyon. Along the trail there are a few of the old power poles and some of the ceramic insulators on which the wire was strung. The canyon is actually two canyons. West and East Beaver Creeks meet at the bottom of the hill. You’ll be able to see this more clearly... More

6. Turn Here

You have a choice here. If you continue down the trail, you’ll arrive at the river. You’ll actually be at the East creek; the two creeks join just a few yards from where the trail ends. You can turn south at this point and find your way back to the beginning of the loop. You’ll have to cross the creek three or four times to accomplish this. It’s... More

7. Last Decision

Near the end is one last dip to the canyon floor. The trail will take you to a cliff face. Again, you can choose to climb over the face of the cliff or cross the creek to get around it. I’ve done both; be wise as you determine how much mountain goat DNA you acquired from your ancestors (or how tired you are at this point, or whether or not you... More