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Boulder Creek Path with a loop

Enjoy America's #1 recreation town by bike. This path starts in the plains, goes through town and ends in the mountains.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  In a town that loves its trails and alternative forms of transportation, the Boulder Creek Path is the perfect defining landmark. This... more »

Tips:  If you ride this trail from east to west, you'll get to enjoy the downhill portion on the second half of your trip.
The Boulder... more »

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Points of Interest

1. loop junction

At this point, you can go east and do the short loop portion of the trail or go west to continue on the main Boulder Creek Path.

2. resting spot

This nice little rest area has benches and a drinking fountain.

3. side paths

Small side paths abound on this trail including separate trails for pedestrians and bicyclists in some areas.

4. 30th Street underpass

Even though this trail goes through a major urban corridor, all road crossings are via underpasses so that trail users don't have to cross any major streets.

5. Safeway access

If you need trail munchies, you can reach a grocery store by leaving the trail and heading north at this point. There is also a bike shop in the same strip mall area as the grocery store, in case you are having bicycle issues.

This hotel is located right next to the trail. There are also tennis courts here.

This part of the trail runs through a portion of the CU campus. The athletics practice field is to the north and the main campus is to the south. You can find two different spur paths in this area for accessing the campus.

8. The Connecting Point

This is a good trail spot to access Boulder High School, downtown Boulder, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

At this point, you actually cross under a portion of the Boulder Library. This is also a good place to rest, relax, and people watch.

You are now in the Foothills of the Colorado mountains as you enter Boulder Canyon and follow Boulder Canyon Drive. From here to the western end of the trail, the trail alternates between concrete and gravel with more of the latter.

11. Western Terminus of Trail

This is the far western end of the trail. You will probably either start or end you ride/hike/run at this point. There is limited parking here just off Boulder Canyon Drive. There are also portable restrooms here.

12. doggy junction

For you dog lovers, you'll probably enjoy seeing plenty of pooches at this point. A small spur trail that comes from the Boulder Valley Humane Society joins the trail here. Volunteers from the "Tails on Trails" program can often be seen w/ the leashed recipients of their benevolence.
The trail passes between Pearl St. and a small pond at this... More

13. Stazio Fields

Stazio Fields are located in East Boulder and can be accessed from either Valmont Road or Arapahoe Avenue. There is usually ample parking here unless there is a major tournament or some other event taking place.