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Kid Stuff in Santa Rosa

Unexpected family fun in wine country.

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 16.3 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  Set 55 miles north of San Francisco, Santa Rosa is the largest city within Sonoma County, best known for its more than 200 wineries.... more »

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Points of Interest

This 400-acre wildlife reserve is about a 90-minute drive from San Francisco, and seeks to replicate an African Safari-style experience in the "Sonoma Serengeti." Unlike a traditional zoo, Safari West is a natural habitat that allows visitors to take a two-to-three–hour tour over rugged terrain to see more than 500 animals, including giraffes,... More

Dedicated to the creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the exhibits can be a bit scholarly, but the Kite-Eating Tree and the ice-skating rink aren’t.adults $8, kids $5

2301 Hardies Ln.
Santa Rosa, CA, United States

(707) 579-4452

Insider Tip: Located just off Highway 101, Don Taylor’s is a convenient stop for those headed north to wineries in Santa Rosa, Windsor, or Healdsburg.

Open since 1977 and located in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square, this breakfast and lunch spot is known for its generous portions. The menu has over twenty omelets, each served with home fries and... More

Insider Tip: Kenwood Vineyard, which supplies many of the wines on the Union Hotel Restaurant's list, is open for visits just outside of Santa Rosa.

While there's a history of Union Hotel restaurants dating back to 1879, this Mission Boulevard location (built in 2006) is housed in a free-standing, ochre-colored stucco structure built to resemble ... More

5. Flamingo Resort

Room to Book: Ask for a room overlooking the pool.

Insider Tip: If you're going to be wine tasting in Santa Rosa, then stop by the California Welcome Center

A 1950s hotel with a modern makeover, the Flamingo holds onto some of its old-time glamour: look to the rounded entryway awning and entry sign pole with retro neon lettering. But it offers... More