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Black Ranch Meadows

Loop around Black Ranch Meadows in China Camp State Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.8 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  A multipurpose trail popular with local joggers around a valley containing one of China Camps Camping areas. A great place to sneak in... more »

Tips:  The deer are fairly tame.

Parking at China Camp gets pretty busy on peak days.

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head

Trailhead Turtleback, Miwok Meadows, and Back Ranch Trail. Take the Back Ranch Trail. On this walk, there were a LOT of deer and they show no fear of humans.

2. Figs

Figs growing wild along the trail.

3. Junction

Shoreline trail to Back Ranch and campground. Informational signage on wetlands. Take Left Fork along the Shoreline Trail. You will enter Bay, Madrone, Live Oak forest on a gentle upslope. Below you will be a portion of the campground.

4. Junction

Intersection Ridge Trail heads uphill. Continue on Bay View Trail.

5. Junction

Intersection. Powerline Trail and a bridge. Continue across the bridge.

6. Junction

Access to campground area below. Continue along Shoreline Trail.

7. Loosing Elevation

Switchbacks start. 3 courses on an easy grade under a Bay and Madrone canopy. All along the trail has been slowly gaining elevation.

8. Junction with a road in.

Trail head for the Back Ranch and Bay View Trails. Camping self registration and parking for the campground located here. To finish the loop make your way to the far end of the parking lot and meet up with some landlocked wetlands.

9. Paved Road

Follow the paved roads around the southerly side of the wetlands.

10. Trail head

Trailhead, leave the paved road. This will bring you back to the initial trail near the Fig trees. Backtrack to starting point.