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Mori Point. Golden Gate NP Conservancy

Short coastal bluff hike with outstanding views and wildflowers.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Just a short distance down the coast from the city of San Francisco, Pacifica is where the concrete truly ends and gives way to green ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Mori Point

Continue out to the headlands of Mori Point for panoramic views of the coastal bluffs. If the weather is clear you should be able to make out the Golden Gate Bridge to the North and the jagged Farallon Islands out to sea.

For 1970s movie buffs there's a chance you might recognize the cove immediately to the South of your location. It was used in... More

2. Bootlegger's Steps

Named in recognition of the Mori Point Inn and its notorious reputation during the days of prohibition. The Inn burned in 1966 and is now long-gone.

3. Elevated Boardwalk and Wetland Restoration Area

The newly constructed elevated boardwalk and wetland restoration area was completed in November 2009, preserving the San Francisco garter snake and the red-legged frog, both of which are endangered species.

4. Old Mori Point Road

The wide, shaded trail of Old Mori Point Road runs between the northern face of Mori Ridge and a housing development.

Great for access to parking at the end of Bradford way, and the best route for bikes and strollers. Walkers may prefer the narrower and slightly more scenic Upper Mori Point Trail.

5. Upper Mori Point Trail

This narrow trail runs parallel to the north face of Mori Ridge and is a good route from the parking area at the end of Bradford Way to the rest of the trail network.

6. Coastal Trail

The Coastal Trail is an extension of the trail from Pacifica Pier, and snakes it's way up the northern flanks of Mori Ridge before descending to Old Country Road.

7. Rockaway Beach

South of the park, Rockaway Beach has a large free parking lot located by the ocean shore and is also convenient for the nearby Rockaway restaurants and stores. Access the park via the level Old Country Road path, or if you're feeling adventurous you could check out the climb up to the coastal bluffs.

8. Mori Ridge

From the ridgeline of Mori Point the views are quite different, but still worthy of the exploration.

Amateur geologists might question some of the features of the landscape up here. This area is both a former quarry (which explains the divot in the hillside up here) and was also frequently used for motorcycle motocross events. This also... More

9. Unmaintained Trail

The coastal bluff trail heading South from Mori Point becomes very narrow and steep, including a creek crossing at the bottom. The final section which descends to Rockaway Beach is recommended only for the more adventurous.

Rockaway Beach is a nice place to explore, but if our description of this unmaintained trail doesn't appeal to you, you can ... More