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Montana Avenue Shopping

One of Santa Monica's best streets, featuring a relaxed attitude and yoga-friendly style
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.5 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Montana Avenue is a shopping experience unique to not only California, but to Santa Monica. It covers seven blocks, from Seventh... more »

Tips:  I recommend walking and discovering the various clothing boutiques, restaurants and skin-care stores as you pass by them, but I list... more »

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Points of Interest

If you have a love of coffee, this is not to be missed. This brewed-to-order cafe prides itself on the three "single origin" coffee offerings: Progreso from Colombia, Sidama Kilenso from Ethiopia and Kochere District Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. They use a traditional hand-pour-over method and usually make a cute little design in milk on top of your... More

This is a great place for breakfast, and a small and cozy one that offers great service. With patio seating, it's also a fun place to people watch along Montana.

It serves typically fresh and healthful Santa Monica fare--egg white frittatas, granola with yogurt and fruit, freshly squeezed juice and some more standard-fare options like omelettes.... More

3. Scribble Press (For Kids)

Scribble Press is a great place to take the kids for a creative class in bookmaking. Featuring drop-off classes, it has a fully stocked studio to help your child write and illustrate his or her book from beginning to finish. The staff even binds it while you wait!
1109 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403
... More

4. YogaWorks (Optional)

It's the way life flows in Santa Monica--yoga in the morning. YogaWorks has studios throughout the states, but this location on Montana Avenue is the original.

Indoor/outdoor spaces give this studio a feel that's fitting for Montana Avenue's breezy ocean, relaxed mentality. According to the website, "favorites include a traditional Mysore-style ... More

5. London Sole

Have a thing for ballet slippers or flats? This place is all for you. With a seasonal and regular collection, you can get a pair of flats in just about any color or style.
1331 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica

6. Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a home-ware shop dedicated to bringing "style, craft, joy and a general feeling of grooviness to your home." With bedding, rugs, stationery, pillows and throw, pottery and more, Adler believes "colors can't clash" and in the "innate chicness of red with brown."
1318 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica
... More

7. The Blue Jeans Bar

Have you had a really difficult time trying to find a pair of jeans to fit you in that "like a glove" way? The Blue Jeans Bar might be your safe haven. With the tag line "denim on tap," you can essentially create a made-to-order pair of jeans, selecting brand, wash, size and style. Let the "jean-tenders" help you in choosing the best pair of jeans... More

8. Kiehl's

Founded in 1851 in New York, Kiehl's is known for its premium skin-care products for men and women. With straight-forward packaging, it prides itself on its use of natural and "efficacious" ingredients over the history of the company, which has been in business nationwide for 150+ years.
1516 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica

9. Jurlique Wellness Day Spa (Optional)

Fancy a facial with some of the best natural ingredient-based products? Jurlique will take care of you. The storefront is the main focus, with helpful and friendly clerks selling its botanical-based products, but the spa offers a full range of facials and waxing at this location.
1230 Montana Ave. No. 105
Santa Monica
... More

Turn around and head back down Montana Avenue toward the ocean and end the day with a beer, burger and fries. Or better yet, a crafted brew beer with some of the best sweet potato fries you'll ever have. Wood-paneled walls add to the "office" feel of this popular pub, which gets mighty crowded and loud.

While the crowds can make the place feel... More

11. Aero Theater

Care to take in a film?

Run by the nonprofit American Cinematheque, regular screenings at this theater go beyond just a screening: They feature Q&A sessions with stars or part of the film crew. In addition, they also feature regular international special screenings and film festivals.

The Aero Theater was built in 1940 and is one of the few... More

12. Fred Segal (Optional)

For any shopper visiting Santa Monica, I'd recommend taking the one-mile trek away from Montana to visit this boutique. This is a spacious store that sells a variety of products, from skin care to clothes to shoes, perfume, sunglasses and other accessories.

The store is split into more than one building, just an FYI, but the buildings are... More