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Tagala Heritage

Across Laguna and Quezon towns
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 147.2 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  This route takes you through quaint towns in the provinces of Laguna and Quezon that surround the twin mystic mountains of Mt. Banahaw... more »

Tips:  Some sites may require advance notice to make sure they are open.

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Points of Interest

1. Sulyap Cafe (San Pablo)

The Filipiniana ambiance is inescapable, highlighted by its gallery of antiques and artworks. Have your breakfast here and top it with, yes, tsokolate-eh of your childhood years, while you enjoy the spirited lush garden. Sulyap is like a lovely dance of fireflies at night, but it is quite as evoking under the early morning sun with frolicking... More

2. Underground Cemetery (Nagcarlan)

The dead is twice under here in this declared national heritage site. The whole cemetery is below the surface. Spring grass shoots up in between stone tiles, as the brick walls defy centuries of ruin, ever steadfast guarding the spirits that live in the place. A nice stroll in this mossy and ageing site adds warmth and depth to the tour. Not the... More

3. Tsinela St. (Liliw)

Fancy Liliw’s little shops of footwear, a local industry that thrives amidst large-scale commercialism in nearby Mega Manila. Known as the “Footwear Capital of Laguna,” Liliw is a favorite stopover by tourists and entrepreneurs especially during Christmas and summer for the latest designs in flip-flops, slip-ons and sandals along Tsinelas Street. ... More

4. St. Gregory Church

Reputedly one of the oldest churches in the Philippines built in 1575 using forced labor. Antique relief statues of saints, which were brought by the Spaniards, are preserved in this church. Its belfry houses four small bells and one big bell, which are probably the oldest in the country. The rooftop of the church offers an obstructed but... More

5. Koffee Klatch Bakery Shop

Dealo Koffee Klatch has been in the bakery and catering business for 38 years. Koffee Klatch is a German word which means “coffee break”. The establishment is located in the heart of Lucban, Quezon- with the famous slogan, “Masarap na pasalubong Mula sa Lucban”. Its best sellers “Broas (lady fingers), Apas (Thin Cookies), Galletas (egg crackers)... More

6. Kamay Ni Jesus (Hand of Jesus)

From its initial construction in 2004, the Kamay ni Hesus Via Dolorosa Grotto and Healing Church has become one of the most popular places in Quezon. But it's more than a tourist spot. Fr. Joey Faller, the renowned healing priest of Lucban, runs the place and celebrates his healing masses every Monday and Saturday at 09.30 AM. Pilgrims and those... More

7. St. Michael's Minore Basilica

Said to be the second longest Spanish colonial church in the Philippines, St. Michael Basilica is witness to the history of Tayabas. The church underwent numerous transformation, from an ordinary camarin-type made of bamboo, nipa and anahaw, to a 103-meter long church of concrete and stone. The basilica has a strong Baroque influence evident in... More

8. Gala-Rodriguez Ancestral House

A pre-war mansion of the old rich Tagalog family, particularly, the coconut hacinderos "landlords," who during WWII, profited from selling glycogen (a coco derivative) to make bombs. Ironically, the house was bombed during the Liberation. The bomb crater was made into a swimming pool. The house is a peek to the opulence of the old rich during this... More

9. Ugu's Pottery Garden

A potter's shop by Ugu Bigyan, a local master potter who has catered to the high-end tourist market. Each of his product is hand-made, and, according to Ugu, is unique from the rest. Ugu's works are favorite among diplomats, celebrities and high-end international resorts like Shangri-la. Ugu resides in this shop, and gives out pottery... More