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Poon hill trek, Day 1

Annapurna 5-day trek to Poon Hill. Day 1: 9.4km, 530m up.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.841 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is Day 1 of a 5-day circuit in Annapurna to Poon Hill.
This trek is one of the most popular in Annapurna, because it is... more »


  • Best time to go is March (Rhododendron blossoms) or September (clearest views), June/July is the rainy season.
  • Foreign tourists need an Annapurna permit and TIMS card to enter the Annapurna national park. Residents don't need the TIMS card. These can be obtained through trekking agents or by yourself.
  • Nayapul is 35km South west of Pokhara, about 1,5hr by taxi or bus.
  • It's possible to do this trek without a guide, however you'll miss the extra information and a chance to invest in Nepali people.
  • Try to bring water purification tablets, to avoid buying plastic bottles, which are polluting the mountain range.
  • The trek can be done lightly equipped, because the trails are well made; alternating stairs, big flat stones and dirt tracks. It is very well possible to do it on sneakers.
  • The guest houses all offer clean sheets and blankets, so even a sleeping-bag is not really necessary.
  • Bring some warm clothes (a fleece & jacket) because Ghorepani & Poonhill can be chilly, and you migh encounter some rain (depending on the season & weather up in the mountains).

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Points of Interest

1. Nayapul

Road junction, bus and taxi's to Pokhara (35km).
Take a local bus to Naudanda and then Pokhara.

2. NP Check Point

Register your Annapurna permit at this check point.

3. Birethanti

Birethanti has another check point for foreign tourists. It also offers guest houses, restaurants, shops and a bakery.
Just recently a new bridge was built which will soon allow cars to cross the river and drive to Syauli Bazaar.

4. Matahati

Small village with a tea house. Just until a bit before the next village you're walking on a dirt road big enough for cars.

5. Lamdoni

Between here and Matahati the trails temporarily crosses the river twice, because of road construction. After Lamdoni you can enjoy a real hikers-only trail, with the first stairs.

6. Hille

Another small town with some tea houses.

7. Tikhedhunga

End point of Day 1 at 1525m. Walk past the first guest houses, to go to the two suspension bridges for nice views.

8. Indra Guesthouse

Comfortable guesthouse with good Dhal Bhat.

9. Uleri

Alternative stop for the first day. But beware that it's a very steep climb up a stone staircase from Tikhedhunga in just 2km up to 1960m.