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Appalachian Trail - Rt 501 to Rt 183

This section makes a great weekend trip. There are multiple camp sites, scenic views, and a boulder field to explore.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.2 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  This is really one of the best sections of trail to hike. There are multiple scenic overlooks. There's a boulder field, a reservoir,... more »

Tips:  If you choose do this section going North to South, be careful around the boulder field. The trail does turn left in that area and... more »

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Points of Interest

1. 501 Shelter

This shelter is a short walk from the parking lot, is fully enclosed, and sleeps 20 or so people.

2. Overlook

One of the many places along the ridge where you get a good view of the valley.

3. Boulder Field

This boulder field alone makes this section worth hiking.

4. Hertlein campsite

Hertlein is a great place to camp. There are multiple sites with plenty of space and easy access to water.

5. Reservoir

Old reservoir with a camp site nearby, this is a very short walk from Hertlein.

6. Appalachian Trail Survey Marker

One of the many survey markers along the AT.

7. Fort Dietrich Snyder Marker

8. Parking Lot at Rt 183

There's plenty of parking at this lot. It's a game lands parking lot less than half a mile south of where the trail crosses Rt 183.