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Goat Farm

On the outskirts of Perth, with XC, DH, 4X and an awesome new skills park - the Goat Farm is first stop for many riders
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.728 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Goat Farm is a designated mountain bike area on DEC land in Greenmount, on the edge of Perth. There trails are probably the... more »

Tips:  Avoid the heat of the afternoon in summer - there isn't much shade.

Warm up on the excellent skills park, just to the north of the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Skills Park

Built by Jamie Campbell and Paul Neve (dirt jumps) the skills park is a fantastic place to hone skills and learn new tricks. Berms, table tops, drops, see saws, logs, skinnies - they are all here starting small and getting bigger.

2. Gravel Rash (DH trail) 0.85km

The most challenging technical trail at The Goat Farm. A short fast down-hill trail curls off the “Slippery Nipple” and takes you downhill fast. Hug the “GForce”, a series of tight berms near the top then plummet off the hill before coming to the “Praying Mantis”, a tough and technical rocky section. Continue down and over “Mum’s Worry” – a bermed... More

3. A-Kline (Very Difficult) 0.53km

International trail builder Joey Klein inspired this trail, this short spur option off the Dugite Bite tips you off the scarp and over a technical rocky section with a double black diamond A-line and a less challenging B-line. Continue on down through a tough and fast open flowing section of trail before joining the Blue Cruiser cross-country... More

4. Dugite Bite (DH trail) 1.14km

Launch from the “Slippery Nipple” into a long series of tight downhill berms before being spat out over a set of table tops and into more berms. Pass the spur trail A-Kline and into a wild rhythm section then down through some deep berms before being launched into orbit on the final table top. Continue on and join the Blue Cruiser trail back to... More

5. 4X Trail (Very Difficult) 0.44km

The 4X trail is a fast flowing trail including a start area. It is a trail where you and 3 mates can race each other over technical jumps, over tabletops, through winding banked berms and over rhythm jump sections to see who can reach the bottom first. This trail is a great place to hone your skills before taking on some of the other trails within... More

6. Blue Cruiser (XC) 5.78km

The Blue Cruiser is a challenging and sometimes technical cross country trail with fast flowing downhill sections and some tough uphill climbs. There are a couple of sections of the trail that are uphill or downhill only so check the map and look for the directional signs as you go. The Ball Breaker is one such uphill section certain to up the... More

7. Cannon Ball Run (XC) 0.64km

The Cannon Ball Run across The Goat Farm links each side of the Blue Cruiser. If you join it riding from north to south it is mostly downhill with some fast flowing sections. Look out for where it crosses the A-Kline where you must stop and give way. This link trail allows you to ride a figure of 8s with Blue Cruiser.

8. Ball Breaker (XC) 0.98km

The Ball Breaker is an uphill only linking section of trail on the back side of the Blue Cruiser. This is a very tough uphill slog that will test the ‘mountain goats’. Ball Breaker can only be ridden when riding the Blue Cruiser anti-clockwise. It is steep and technical in places.

9. Car park

10. Toilets

Toilets, shade area and picnic tables

11. "Slippery Nipple"

Start of the downhill trails