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Waterous Loop

A long but easy 63km loop that is part of the Munda Biddi trail with the option of splitting the ride over 2 days
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 40.576 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Part of the Munda Biddi Trail network, this 63km signposted loop is long but far from technical. A pleasant day out cycling.

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Points of Interest

1. Lake Navarino

Lake Navarino Forest Resort (caravan park) is another possible overnight stay in the area and also the easiest place to access the trail, only be a short distance from Waroona on the SW highway.

2. Nanga Mill

This large and pleasant DEC campground is right next to the river. This would make a good starting point if camping in the area or as an overnight stay halfway round if splitting the ride over 2 days.

3. King Jarrah Tree

Ditch your bike and take a short scramble up to the magnificent King Jarrah tree which is located a short way off the Waterous loop on the King Jarrah trail.

4. Bidjar Ngoulin campsite

This Munda Biddi trail is a good place to stop for a rest and some water or as an overnight stay if splitting the trail over 2 days

5. Junction with Munda Biddi

Just south of Willowdale Rd, the Munda Biddi leaves the Waterous Loop and heads south towards Lake Brockman. The Waterous loop turns slowly north back towards Lake Navarino.