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Fertile farms in the heart of Kent - Egerton

Circular Walks along the Greensand Way

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 3.1 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview : 
A 3.1 mile starting in the charming village of Egerton taking through orchards and farmland.

A bright sunny day is perfect for... more »

  • Stained glass and Darell Monuments, St James' Church , Egerton

  • Orchards

  • Pheasants

  • Cattle

  • Sheep

  • Horses

  • Arable crops

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Location: Egerton
Distance: 3.1 miles (5km)
Time: allow 2 hours
Explorer map: 137
Terrain: Paths mainly cross arable and pasture... more »

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Points of Interest

1. St James' Church

There is a tomb to Sir John, Darell who served Henry VII in St James' Church. Sir John died in 1509.
Keep an eye out for the stained glass and Derell Monuments in the church.

2. Orchards

Apple orchards are still a large part of the farming economy in this area of Kent.

These orchards have a spectacular display of blossom in Spring and a plentiful harvest of fruit in Autumn